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#RealScript by Steve Harris (Part 3 of 6)

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1. From that day, I frequented Jael’s tavern more than usual, hoping to catch a glimpse of Delilah. #RealScript

2. I never did. Days turned into weeks. It seemed she had vanished. #RealScript

3. I asked around, offered gold to anyone who could give me any information about where she might be. #RealScript

4. No one had any information to give. #RealScript

5. I no longer concerned myself about defending our borders from raiders. People began to notice. #RealScript

6. Are there no women in Israel that you would brood over a daughter of the Philistines? My mother ranted. #RealScript

7. Leave me be Mother. #RealScript

8. I didn’t know that even our enemies had noticed. Yes, the Lords of the Philistines. #RealScript

9. “Our raids into the Southern territory of Dan have been very successful of late. How so?” #RealScript

10. “Where is Samson? Or has our adversary come to an early demise?” #RealScript

11. “Wish that were so, Great One. He has been distracted”

12. “Our sources tell he frequents the Valley of Sorek, looking for the gypsy, Delilah.” #RealScript

13. “Interesting. Find this Delilah and bring her to us. Perhaps she can be of use to putting an end to our nemesis, Samson.” #RealScript

14. “It will be as you have commanded”. #RealScript

15. The 5 Lords of the Philistines did in 2 dawns what I had not been able to do in 1 moon. Find Delilah. #RealScript

16. “We found her among the caravans bound to Luz” #RealScript

17. Unhand me! What do you want from me? Delilah growled.#RealScript

18. “I see what he desires in her. She is a wild cat. She is his equal in savagery and ferocity.” #RealScript

19. “Remove her bonds’ #RealScript

20. “You have a certain…effect on our enemy, Samson. He has searched for you daily since meeting you at Jael’s Tavern” #RealScript

21. And of what concern is that to me? spat Delilah.

22. “You will hold your tongue, else we will have it removed”. Now listen, gyspsy. Samson is all that is standing in our way to fully occupy Israel.” #RealScript

23. “For 19years, he has exhibited no major weakness, until now. Until you.’ #RealScript

24. “We intend to exploit that weakness. You will discover for us, the secret of his GREAT STRENGTH” #RealScript

25. And if I refuse? #RealScript

26. “You will beg for death” #RealScript

27. “I prefer to look on the bright side of things. If you accept our terms, we will each give you 1100 pieces of silver” #RealScript

28. “That’s 5500 pieces of silver”. #RealScript

29. I can count. retorted Delilah #RealScript

30. So all you want from me is to get close to this Samson and discover the secret to his strength and the money is mine? #RealScript

31. “Every silver coin” #RealScript

32. And so my life was bought with silver. The grace I got from Yahweh for free was going to be destroyed with a fee. #RealScript


Steve Harris is a motivational speaker and chief executive officer of EdgeEcution (pronounced Edge – E- Cution), a management consulting firm that assists clients in gaining competitive edge by enhancing the performance of its people through consulting and training interventions. Learn more at, and follow him on Twitter @iamsteveharris

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