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Rise Networks National Youth Forum Returns


The Rise National Youth Forum is has returned after a break aimed towards research and planning. This year’s theme is titled ‘NIGERIA BEYOND OIL; Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship in the Next Most Productive Sectors), ENTERTAINMENT + AGRICULTURE + TECHNOLOGY – (EAT)’.

The highlight of the restructured Program is the Blue Collar Jobs Campaign Initiative; a Strategic Focus on Vocational Skills. This year’s event will feature experienced, skilled, knowledgeable entrepreneurs and dynamic change agents as speakers; entrepreneurs who will teach participants and also prepare their minds to compete in the productive sectors.

A statement from Rise Networks noted that the idea of the EAT Model is to build capacity of young Nigerians to embrace radical change and innovation in preparation for the diversification of Nigeria’s Economy.

“Nations like China, India, Japan, North Korea, have massively invested in human capital development which has led to tremendous economic growth in those nations.”

“For instance, China is known to be the world’s fastest–growing major economy, the largest exporter of goods, and the largest manufacturing economy in the world. This feat was achieved due to the introduction of vocational skills to cater for the ever growing population which is set at above 1billion people.

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This life-transforming, impact focused program which is reputed for commanding the attention of the largest single gathering of Nigerian youth in one venue will hold from December 2013 to January 2014.

MTN Nigeria, the program’s lead sponsor, would be giving out Windows 7 Premium Wireless Laptop and MTN Internet Modems at the event. Participants will also get the chance to win leadership and business management books and materials.

Microsoft West Africa would also train and deploy the ‘MICROSOFT BUILD YOUR BUSINESS Curriculum free to participants at the program, exclusively.

The schedule for the event is below:

OWERRI, 14th December, 2013. #RiseYouthForumOwerri

Venue: Rochas Convention Center, Okigwe Road, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Follow Rise Networks on twitter @risenetworks and facebook: facebook/risegroup

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