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12 Fun Habits for Work Productivity


There are no doubts on this side that you are a hardworking employee in your organisation that is ready to go all out to add value to the corporate bottom line. But to make that vision happen might not be as hard as you think. Hard work is still a vital element in all endeavours, but if you can see the sport in life while meeting your set goals and making that vision happen, wouldn’t you sign up for that?

Contrary to popular beliefs, productivity is not merely about doing more to achieve more but it also means the ability to do less to achieve more. Don’t just get busy; know what you are busy doing.

1. Start: This is the part no working person can avoid. There are lots of reasons why a new project does not get started early. Listing those reasons is wasting time enough. If you lack motivation, self-discipline or you fear failure and success, or your case is distraction or procrastination, listing and pondering over those reasons would get you nowhere close to the end of the project. Starting will get you there. So start and stop finding reasons not to.

2. Cut that To-do list by half: So you woke up this morning and wrote a list of all you need to do before the day is over. Before you start, take that list and look them over again. Tick the three priority to-dos for the day. Finish those first and if there is still time and you are not too tired, get more done by ticking three more priority to-dos and get them done until you can take no more. That way, you can follow in a logical progression what you are doing on a daily basis.

3. Take that lunch!: We know you need to get more done. There are deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, missions to fulfill, but there is a reason why your company allotted time for lunch.  You can only optimally do best when you stay mentally fresh. Learn to renew your energy after you have spent it over long periods on work. A great way to avoid fatigue is to take that lunch and at least one more break during the course of work. You can also do other things that can help renew your energy and keep you mentally fresh on your seat by taking your eyes off work during intervals.

4. Breathe easy: We sincerely know the drill. “Deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, missions to fulfill,” but it is time now for you to breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deep, breathe full, and breathe easy. Don’t get so caught up in work that you forget to breathe properly. It helps you relax and you can get more done when you are relaxed.

5. “Aurora for Me” time: Don’t wake up and suddenly reach out for your to-do list. Wake early and do something for yourself. Start your day by meditating, working out and getting a good breakfast. You can now, during breakfast time, pick that to-do list to write and tick your priority to-dos for the day. Starting your day with a “me-time” would allow you give the best to your work and set an active tone for the rest of the day.

6. Unplug: Don’t work 24/7 every time! If you are doing this, there is probably a lot of imbalance in your life. Pick at least a day (I’ll pick two) to unplug. On this day, plug out from anything that has the smell and scent of work. Unplugged days are days to spend with your loved ones, to seek out nature, read a book, to paint, to call a friend or to volunteer. You’ll wake up on a plugged day feeling refreshed and wish quickly for a new unplugged day to arrive.

7. Skim fast and thorough: Reading is an essential part of daily life, in both personal and professional environments. Learning to speed-read is a great way to improve productivity. If you can learn this, you’ll save yourself some time and energy.

8. Delegate: There is a good chance you take pride in doing things yourself. It will help your energy level if you can give others the chance to show their best work. You’ll also have the opportunity to see different shades of good work as people do not do work the same way. If you have no one to delegate to, you can ask for help. Giving and receiving help is the little gift we can all share with each other at the work place. Use it when others fail.

9. Be thankful: A thankful attitude helps you see the good in all you have been able to accomplish and what you still have the ability to do in the future. If all you see are what you were unable to finish, you might also lack the encouragement to do more. Be thankful for life, for the work you do presently and for what you know is in your capacity to do in the future. Never let the sun go down on you heaping faults on yourself.

10. Be inspired: Believe it or not, inspiration is needed to help see you through the day. Resuming at the office very early in the morning is not a guarantee that anything productive will be done if you lack inspiration. Find that thing that propels you to do the best work and get inspired. At times when that first inspiration fails, find the next best thing and get inspired.

11. Eat healthy: Eating healthy is very important for healthy living. If you want to operate optimally at work, you’ll need to consider the foods you consume. Don’t eat heavy foods midday that might cause you to feel languid for the rest of the day. Avoid, also, energy zappy cookies and drinks that would cause your blood sugar level to spike and then drop. The goal is to keep your blood sugar level steady throughout the day.

12. Finish what you started like we have successfully finished this article.


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