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2014: New Year, New Opportunities

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There’s always an end to everything that has a beginning and year 2013 was no different. Besides, the old has to go sometimes for the new to arrive and how you make a transition matters a lot because it has a bearing on how you’ll begin the new phase. Finishing strong is a vital aspect of life as a whole, be it spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and all. It crowns all struggles with courage to face what’s ahead.

A lot has happened in the outgoing year which you need to put into perspective for the New Year to start and go well. There where dreams and goals, some of which came through, some of which didn’t; there where mistakes, wrong decisions which a smart person should learn and take notes from. As it is said, once beaten twice shy. There where gains and losses, in business, relationships and life in general. But all of this shouldn’t matter, for the good book says “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning of it”. Rather than seat and sulk or beat up yourself over all that went wrong over the course of the year, pick up the pieces, dust your shoulders and determine that the year will end in good stride. Forgive yourself and give yourself a chance to make amends. The New Year is here, and as long as the clock still ticks and we still breathe and bleed, we can make miracles happen in 2014.

Someone once said that the reason the wind screen of a car is way bigger than its rear view mirror is so that the driver can focus more on what’s ahead while looking back only once in a while. It’s same with life. Forward ever backwards never. There are lots of open doors only if you look ahead.  You are the driver of your life and if you decide to reverse the correct order of things and concentrate on what’s behind while glancing at what’s ahead only once in a while, you’re certainly orchestrating an accident for yourself in the future. The past is past; the future is what’s important.

In all of the last minute madness, ensure you celebrate your accomplishments for the year; it will lift your spirit and give you a big boost. Also take time out to set fresh and audacious goals for the coming year. That way you’ll be prepared when it comes. Draw from the wealth of experience the previous year as well as other previous years have given you and set the boundaries within which at least three quarters of your goals for the New Year will be realized. Remember, part of finishing strong in one phase of life is readiness to face the next.

As the curtains are drawn over 2013, decide not to drool over past failures and concentrate on the success(es) 2014 holds. Pick up your mistakes and use them as building blocks in the New Year. With life, there’s hope, and if you keep hope alive, you’ll be sure to begin 2014 in an exciting way.


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