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5 Suit Rules for Men

suit rules for men

One of the most essential needs of humans is clothing. However, clothing is not just about satisfying physiological needs. It is also about communicating one’s identity or simply making a fashion statement. Over time, men’s wears have evolved greatly and this is particularly so in the corporate world. Since the prominent fashion for corporate men is a suit, what, then, are the rules that will help you as a man keep up with the style while maintaining a touch of finesse? These following rules will sure help to set you on the right part.

Rule 1: Look out for size and fitting

The first rule of doing suits is knowing your size and fitting. Once you get that wrong, every other thing goes wrong. In no time, what you’ll have on is a coat rather than a suit. When trying on a suite, as part of the fitting, make sure the shoulders are a perfect fit and not drooping on either sides. Also ensure that the suit jacket is long enough to conceal the zipper of your pants as well as your butt and look out for the collar of the jacket and the cuff of your dress shirt. The jacket ‘s collar should neither stand away from nor conceal your shirts collar. A half inch of shirt collar should be visible at the back and just the same amount of shirt cuff should be visible beneath the jacket ‘s sleeve.


Rule 2: If you must wear it, wear it right

As the saying goes, “what is worth doing is worth doing well. When wearing a suit, know that buttoning gives you  a more classy look as opposed to flying your jacket. A rule of the thumb is to button the only button in a single-button suit; the top button in a two-button suit and the middle button in a three – button suit. Also check the width of the lapel. Thinner lapels are generally considered more modern as opposed to the wide ones.

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Rule 3 – Colour combination matters

Less is more when it comes to designs. In suit, colour combination matters a lot. Male folk are often generally of the opinion that they can mix colors anyhow and get away with it. But it doesn’t work that way; especially with suits. Your colour combination speaks volumes about you. On a broad note, darker suits with little or no pattern gives you a lot more leverage in the choice of your shirt’s color. But even then,  still exercise moderation in your pick. That said; a daring move would be to step out of the everyday “black suit box” and try other colours of suits. Grey is perfect for starters and you’d be surprised at the wonders a toned blue suit can do to your persona.


Rule 4 – Accessorizing

Accessorizing can be really tricky at times. Even then, there’s always a rule of the thumb to these things. Your tie shouldn’t exceed beyond the waist line of your trousers. For a very smart and comfortable look, the hem of your pants should fall directly at the top of your shoes and should cover parts of the laces. The lapel size and that of your tie should be equal. For pocket squares, one thing you should take into cognisance is that pocket squares are just meant to add a touch of sophistication to the suit. As a result, if you must use one, it shouldn’t always blend or match with your tie in colour, fabric or style. Use the area where the pocket square fits in as a place to experiment. The colour of your belt should also be the same with that of your shoes. A slim and thin belt will do the magic.


Rule 5: Suit Etiquettes

There are just a handful of things to observe and look out for generally. First is ensuring that your jigger is always fastened if your suit is double-breasted. Another is to always unbutton your suit before sitting to avoid ruining it. Last but not least, if you’re one to always put your hands in your pocket, a suit with double vents behind is most certainly your best bet.


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