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Jazz is Nigeria’s Biggest Export – Diana Bada


Diana Bada, a jazz artiste, referred to jazz as a tool which had fostered bilateral relations among indigenous and foreign practitioners in music, arts and culture, adding that it is Nigeria’s greatest music export to the world.

Bada stated this in an interview in Lagos on Monday, adding that jazz music had developed and spread around the world. She further said that jazz had given a powerful voice to what Nigeria is, describing it as the country’s greatest cultural achievement to date.

Diana Bad

According to her, music had fostered national, regional and local interactions as well as married several music genres together.

“The music has always made powerful statements about freedom, creativity and Nigeria’s identity at home and abroad,” she said.

Describing jazz as a unique expression, a life experience and human emotion, chronicling the history of a people, Bada said, “Jazz is not the result of choosing a tune, but an idea that is created first in the mind and extended to the people, as music.”

She added that music, arts and culture where fundamental parts of the human experience, stating that Nigerian music was being played, studied and taught at private and public institutions all around the world.

Bada described her music as a combination of hip hop, afro, jazz, salsa, R&B and others. “My lyrics are wrap around emotions, social ills and experiences of my life.” She added that we have to learn to criticise, express ourselves and correct it through our works.

The origin of jazz music can be dated from the beginning of the 20th century, from the African – American community (Southern U.S.A).


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