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#RealScript by Steve Harris (Part 4 of 6)


1. I sat by the stream wondering how far I could throw a stout oak tree when I heard footsteps behind me. #RealScript

2. I hear you’ve been looking for me. It was HER! #RealScript

3. She looked even more breathtaking in person. By the gods! #RealScript

4. I warn you Samson, I am not some trophy to be won or some whore to warm your bed. #RealScript

5. That is not my only intent. I responded. #RealScript

6. So, you do want a whore to warm your bed. She smiled. #RealScript

7. No whore. Just you. You have occupied my thoughts as no other woman has. #RealScript

8. And when you are tired of bedding me, will you not cast me aside? #RealScript

9. I want more than just to have you in my bed. I want to know you as no man has. #RealScript

10. You ask a hard thing, Samson ben Manoah. Let us see where this journey takes us. I am yours as you are mine. #RealScript

11. I am yours as you are mine. #RealScript

12. And with those 7 words,     I AM YOURS AS YOU ARE MINE, our union was consummated. #RealScript

13. The months after that were like the days of Adam in the Garden of Eden. #RealScript

14. I knew the law of Moses given by YAHWEH HIMSELF forbade us from being ‘unequally yoked’ but I couldn’t resist. #RealScript

15. Have you ever been there? Knowing that what you were doing was wrong, but you couldn’t help it? #RealScript

16. I know you’re all Mr and Ms. Holy and you act like you don’t have any sin. You know the truth. HE knows. #RealScript

17. YAHWEH may seem full of laws, but He is first full of love. I learned that too late. #RealScript

18. We must follow His laws, not from fear of Him, but for love of Him. #RealScript

19. I should have asked for His help, for He was closer to me than my next breath. #RealScript

20. Delilah was everything to me and gave me the greatest gift of all, PEACE! #RealScript

21. I didn’t have to be the Judge of Israel with her, I could be me. #RealScript

22. I didn’t have to be who I wasn’t with her. She accepted me for who I was or so I thought. #RealScript

23. She wanted nothing from me. She enjoyed hearing the tales from my battles and skirmishes. #RealScript

24. I would come home after a well worn day and fall asleep on her laps and she would caress my 7 braids of hair. #RealScript

25. But soon, the questions came. Innocuous, at first. Then frequently #RealScript

26. After reliving my tale of victory over the Philistines with the jaw bone of an ass, she asked. #RealScript

27. Tell me something no one knows of you. Like the secret of your great strength. How can you be bound? #RealScript

28. Leave that be, woman and come dance for me. #RealScript

29. You don’t trust me. Even worse, you do not love me. How can there be secrets between us? #RealScript

30. By Aaron’s budded staff! Leave this matter be. #RealScript

31. Why won’t you let me in? I share your bed, I share your home and you won’t let me share in your secret. #RealScript

32. I looked at Delilah. Inconsolable. I remembered the words of my mother.  #RealScript

33. You are a Nazarite. Set apart for YAHWEH’s use. You’re called. Chosen. His own.  #RealScript

34. Your hair and strength are a sign of His covenant. Tell no one of this. #RealScript

35. I’m torn. I love Delilah, but my Nazarene vow to YAHWEH is Holy. #RealScript

36. YAHWEH says no, my heart says yes. How come He stands against what I often want? #RealScript

37. We haven’t spoken in days. Delilah’s weeping in the corner. Each sob is like a dagger in my heart. #RealScript

38.  The path I would choose would inevitably change my life forever. #RealScri

39. Delilah. There’s something you should know. #RealScript pt

40. #RealScript


Steve Harris is a motivational speaker and chief executive officer of EdgeEcution (pronounced Edge – E- Cution), a management consulting firm that assists clients in gaining competitive edge by enhancing the performance of its people through consulting and training interventions. Learn more at, and follow him on Twitter @iamsteveharris

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