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Passnownow Launches e-Learning App at Social Media Week Lagos


The event organised by Passnownow during the 2014 edition of Social Media Week Lagos will be remembered as one of the high points of the weeklong Social Media Week.

The 2014 edition of Social Media Week Lagos lasted five days from 17th to 21st, February 2014, and was filled with exciting events ranging from social media marketing to entertainment and technology.


Passnownow event, which was organized to exhibit the importance of technology and how it is being used to empower and educate Nigerian secondary school students, was attended by members of the academic community at the secondary school level.


The high point of the Passnownow event was the official launching of the Passnownow App by Mrs. Roseline Ilori – Country Manager of MTECH Communications. She did a demo to show participants how the Education Mobile App works. The Passnownow App was designed by the MTECH and it is available for download on Android OS.



The App which is modeled after the Passnownow website includes features such as Classwork Notes, Exam Questions and Answers, School Forum, Social News and lots more. Visit the website to download the Mobile app on your Android Smartphones.


In relaying how Nigerian Secondary School Students are moving to Digital, Mr. Stanley Muoneke, Business Development Director, Intel West Africaspoke on the need to integrate technology and education to foster learning in secondary schools. He went further by stating some of the technology-driven initiatives his organization has carried out in the past and other ongoing projects embarked upon to assist Nigerian secondary school students.


Mrs. Roseline Ilori, Country Manager, MTECH Communications, took time to drive home the need for private sector support for e-learning Initiatives and how its sustainability goes a long way in affecting the overall outcome of such initiatives. She stressed the need for private sectors especially in the technology field to inculcate the habit of supporting education as the integration of these two sectors is the future of Nigeria’s education.


She also stated the need for parents to improve their knowledge of the usage of technology as it concerns learning, in order to curtail their wards from turning their learning devices into negative influence. 


Mrs. Folashade Adefisayo, Director, Corona Schools, spoke on the need for teachers in secondary schools to familiarize themselves with new technology hardware and software to aid them in effectively teaching their students.


She also posited that education should not be taught in schools as a subject or discipline, but should be wielded as a tool to develop both the environment and the human mind.


Finally, Mr. Bambo Bashorun, Director of ICT, Osun State Government, represented by Mr. Sam Omoruyi, pointed out the success Osun State Government has recorded with the Opon Imo initiative. He went further to explain how the tablet was specified to suit the sole purpose for which it was initiated.


He also added that they have practically trained over 600 teachers in using technology to teach in and out of the classroom.

Miss Toyosi Akerele, CEO Rise Networks, expressed her profound gratitude to the participants, MTECH Communications for their contributions and immense support, HP, Promasidor, Intel, Osun State Government, the media, and the panelists for gracing the occasion.


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