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Meet the Boss: Nkemdilim Begho, Future Software Resources

Future Software Resources Ltd is one of Nigeria’s top information and technology services provider with its focus on online solutions, e-learning and IT security. ConnectNigeria had a chat with the CEO of Future Software Resources Ltd, Nkemdilim Begho. She shares her entrepreneurial experiences in this interview. 

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CN: Tell us a bit about your educational and professional background.

NB: I embarked on my professional career in Germany at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Psychiatric Research in the department for Statistical Genetics and Proteomics and later worked at Affectis Pharmaceuticals AG, Germany before returning to Nigeria. I am a graduate of Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) & Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany, where I received a BSc. Hons in Bioinformatics,

CN: How did Future Software Resources Ltd start out? How many years has it been?

NB: Futuresoft was initially incorporated by my father, Mr. Chris Uwaje with the vision of me taking over at some point. I took over the company and re-branded it as well as refocused it in 2008. It has been 6 years now.

CN: Why did you decide to continue with the business?

NB: I decided to continue running it for various reasons. I wanted to be able to manage my own time and work on projects I like, which would end up fulfilling for me. I wanted to be able to create, innovate and be part of those who are shaping the technology industry in Nigeria. I wanted to create employment and grow as a leader and visionary and I wanted to contribute positively to the Nigerian online space.


CN: What products and services does your business offer?

NB: We focus on three core areas: online solutions, e-learning and IT-security. For online solutions, we offer our clients everything that ensures their maximum exposure involving hosting, website design, e-commerce, web portal development, online marketing, online newsletters, social media management to name just a few.  Our e-learning is targeted at educational institutions as well as corporate institutions that wish to have integrated online learning courses for their employees. We have the virtual learning environment solution and we customise and develop content for our clients. Our IT security focus area is geared towards larger corporate establishments with sensitive data that requires protection. We offer online and network penetration testing, data recovery services, IT security planning and much more.


CN: Who are your target customers?

NB: Our target customers are basically companies and institutions. SMEs, educational institutions and larger corporates all fall into this.

CN: What challenges did you face starting out?

NB: We had a hard time building a client base at first as we did not have a large portfolio of clients for us to showcase.

CN: If you could start over, what would you do differently?

NB: I would probably be more aggressive, network more and set higher goals to attain.


CN: How would you rate your customers’ satisfaction level?

NB: High. I would say 99 percent of our customers are happy customers as we go the extra mile and ensure quality customer service all round.

CN: What role has the internet played in building your business?

NB: Well, this business would not exist without the internet.

CN: What is your unique selling point and why should Nigerians choose Future Software Resources Ltd over competitors?

NB: We give our clients the best that matches global standards. Our services are of high quality, speaks of efficiency. We practice timely delivery and our solutions are directed towards addressing the needs of our clients.

CN: What books have impacted your life positively?

NB:The Alchemist, The Secret, The Little Prince

CN: What’s your long term vision for Future Software Resources?

NB: To be Africa’s leading online solution, e-learning and IT security provider.

CN: What advice do you have for those who desire to start their own business in this field?

NB: Go hard or go home! Quit your day job and face your business with everything that you have. Be ready to fail. Be ready to sacrifice. Be ready to reinvent yourself over and over again. Be ready to learn every single day. Be ready to challenge yourself. They say, an entrepreneur is someone who lives a few years of his life the way no one else would, so he can live the rest of his life the way no one else can.


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1 Comment

  1. elkanah

    9th February 2015 at 8:03 am

    like ur org and will love to do my IT with u guys

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