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Meet the Boss: Ronke Adebule, Colors AT Ronnie’s


Meet Ronke Adebule, MD, Colors AT Ronnie’s. A goal-getter, young and a fashionista, Ronke Adebule’s zest for life is seen in her fashion and style. Her love for looking good and feeling good, not just for her but for others as well, led to the creation of the Colors At Ronnie’s brand. Connect Nigeria spoke to her on how her brand started out and what she desires it to be known for. Enjoy the interview.

CN: Tell us a bit about your educational and professional background?

RA: I am a graduate of History and Strategic studies with a Masters Degree in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) from University of Lagos. I am a seasoned PR Consultant with two decades of experience and currently the Executive Director of a foremost Public Relations Company. I specialize in Consumer PR, PR Strategy, Brand activations and Events management and I have successfully serviced several blue-chip companies and international brands in my career.


CN: How did Colors AT Ronnie’s start out?

RA: Colors AT Ronnie’s was borne out of my love for exciting fashion and great style. At church services and social outings, I have had friends, relatives and even complete strangers often call me to commend my appearance and my sense of style. My color combinations and accessories are usually admired, with many asking where I get my accessories and fabrics from. I therefore decided to start a business which would specialize in providing Nigerian women with high quality, colorful and stylish fabrics. This eventually encouraged me to formally create the Colors AT Ronnie’s brand in 2013 and opened our retail shop in October of the same year. After a few months of opening, based on popular demand by our customers, we decided to add to our fabrics,  a range of unusual and exotic accessories of largely costume jewelry.


CN: What inspired the name “Colors AT Ronnie’s”?

RA: I appreciate the idea of combining colors in elegance and in style. Also, African fabrics, especially Ankara, come in a wide and exciting array of patterns and colors, hence the name Colors AT Ronnie’s.  At our store, we stock various exciting and exquisite African fabrics which can be used for both traditional and contemporary attires. Of course, the Ronnie’s is from my name Ronke. Colours AT Ronnie’s is synonymous with fabrics and accessories that make you stand out at every occasion.


CN: What products and services does Colors AT Ronnie’s offer their customers?

RA: We sell colorful and exciting patterned fabrics like Daviva, Excellence etc.  We also sell accessories to complement and complete your look for maximum effect and admiration. Our customers also enjoy free consultation on color and outfit combinations suitable for different occasions. Our desire is to make our customers stand out every time. We plan to add more high quality labels in the future to satisfy our ever increasing, discerning clientele.

\We also provide aso ebi services for all occasions, with free consultancy.  Our services also include specialized events management for our goal is to add COLOR to life!


CN: Who are your target customers?

RA: Our target audience are women, men and even teenagers who wish to look good and stand out wherever they are – at work or play. We also serve Nigerians and foreigners outside the country.  Social media has made the world a global village and we are strong players on this platform.  Interesting to note is that our customer base outside the country is growing quite rapidly and we envisage that by mid-year they will account for 40% of our sales volume. We have been widely contacted by our customers via facebook and Instagram.


CN: What challenges did you face starting out?

RA: The major challenge was getting the right location because at some point, I had to build a store.  But right now, location is not a problem as we meet our customers, even in their homes and offices.


CN: If you could start over, what would you do differently?

RA: Build a bigger store.  But so far, I am thankful to God and I do not have any regrets.


CN: How would you rate your customers’ satisfaction level?

RA: Our customers have always expressed a high level of satisfaction with us due to the wide and irresistible range of our inventory. In fact they are so delighted that I often get referrals.  Word of mouth has been a great asset for us at Colors AT Ronnie’s


CN: What is your unique selling point and why should Nigerians choose you over your competitors?

RA: Our pricing is competitive.  We stock quality materials providing a wide array of great choices. We also do home and office deliveries when required.  We give our clients free consultation on color combinations and classy dress sense.


CN: How do you spend your days of leisure?

RA: I am an highly sociable person so I regularly attends parties and corporate events. I love meeting people, dancing and enjoying herself.


CN: What books have impacted your life positively?

RA: The  Bible. Theodore Roosevelt tells us that a thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education-Theodore Roosevelt. Also, I have read, 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership and Leadership 101 by John C. Maxwell.


CN: What’s your long term vision for Colors AT Ronnies?

RA: To make Colors AT Ronnie’s a reference point in the African fashion and style scene and to positively project African fashion across the globe.


CN: What advice do you have for those who desire to start their own business in Fashion?

RA: Follow your passion, never give up and trust God in every situation.


Contact Colors AT Ronnie’s

Phone: +2348023182908

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