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Connect Nigeria’s Writers’ Conference: Testimonials




Saturday April 5th, 2014 was a day many anticipated and will never forget;’s 1st Writers’ Conference themed ‘The Business of Writing”.  With a turnout of over 100 people many of the participants had positive feedback about the conference and how it impacted them. See a testimonial from a young lady named Isabella Akinseye below:

‘’I read about the Writers Conference in the newspaper and made a mental note to attend it. A day before the event, I stumbled across it online and found the address of the new venue. Even though Sefi Atta did not make it, I enjoyed listening to the different speakers.

Seun Salami forced all of us to get creative in his interactive session which had writing exercises. Okechukwu Ofili demystified self publishing and gave us some insider secrets. Mr Otufodunrin touched on ethics and best practices in the trade. Adaku Ufere was honest, concise and knowledgeable about fashion journalism. Mr Ike Nnaebue gave us industry insights about breaking into Nollywood through script writing. There was free internet for participants which meant we could tweet, and the Q and A session was very helpful. I can’t wait for the next Connect Nigeria conference!’’



Participants at the Writers’ Conference


As well as this positive testimonial, we had several inspiring tweets about the conference;

‘’Thanks to @connectNigeria, @Ofilispeaks, @flosmith @SeunWrites , and Adaku Ufere et al for making my Saturday…’’


‘’@connectnigeria ‘s Writer’s conference is awesome. My mind is racing with ideas. Thank you for this.’’


‘’So today I attended ‘The Business of Writing: Writers’ Conference’ organized by @ConnectNigeria and it was worth every minute spent.’’


‘’I’ve just had the best day of my life! Thank you @ConnectNigeria’’


‘’ My weekend is made thank u @ConnectNigeria’’




Participants at the Writers’ Conference


‘’@ConnectNigeria Thank you too for hosting such a well packaged conference at no cost to the participants. Thumbs up’’


’Thanks for a Wonderful workshop @ConnectNigeria ! Anticipating more of this.’’


‘’Super useful time spent at @ConnectNigeria’s #CNWritersconference. Insight, honesty, collaboration. Loved!”


By all of the testimonials above it is safe to say the Writers’ Conference achieved what it set out to do; equip people with the knowledge and information they need to improve and monetize their writing skills. They learnt  and will soon be masters of The Business of Writing.


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