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Meet the Boss: Bukola Omowunmi Iyayi, Creative Director, Boiworld Interiors


We recently met another wonderful female entrepreneur at the 11th Unique Interior Exhibition, Bukola Omowunmi Iyayi, the Creative Director, Boiworld Interiors. Her passion for interior decorations and her love for colors expresses itself in her works. She spoke to CN on her most memorable work since she started her business and her dreams for Boiworld Interiors.

CN: Tell us a bit about Bukola Iyayi and what you do at Boiworld Interiors?

BOI: I am an entrepreneur. I am into interior decorations. We do fabrics, walls, furniture, and blinds. We undertake new projects from scratch and refurbish existing homes. We give our clients ideas on how to use their space. What we have found out is that a lot of people have space but don’t know how to use their space and what to put in their space. We supply everything you need -chairs, wares everything to make your space livable, comfortable and beautiful. For everything you want, Boiworld Interiors has something for you.

CN: Tell us about your education and professional background?

BOI: I am a graduate of Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin. After graduation, I served with LTV as the P.A to the Marketing Director. But I was not still satisfied so I consulted and did a bit of research and I discovered that with what I have studied in school, I knew I could work as an interior decorator. As an art student, I was taught about everything related to art. I got interested in my costume classes in school. With costumes, you learn a lot about colors and from my art classes, I got really interested and I started laying my hands on fabrics and on wood works and learning through my art classes, what to do to make space beautiful and conducive with my special love for costumes and colors.

CN: Why the name, BOI interiors?

BOI: BOI is my initials and the initials were confirmed when I got married as my initials remained the same. I used to be Bukola Omowumi Ishola but now, Bukola Omowunmi Iyayi. It is like BOI! – This is my world! – My world of interior decorations. Confirmed! (laughs)

CN: Who are your target audience?

BOI: The working class, people who want to refurbish and redecorate their homes. For everyone, basically. We have packages for everyone from age 0 – as long as you live (laughs) We work with all kinds of people – the very rich and the middle class. Boiworld’s concepts are customer friendly because there is always something nice for everyone at Boiworld concepts.

CN: About the 11th Unique Interiors Exhibition?

BOI: This is my first exhibition. It is okay although I cannot say much since it is my first exhibition but we look forward to seeing more participants.

CN: What is your most memorable experience since you became an Interior Designer and an entrepreneur?

BOI: My most memorable experience in interior decorations was when I changed the blinds on Lagos Television in 2008. It was my first major job and through that job I did at Lagos Television, I had customers call me. It became a reference point for me and I think for almost a year, it was what I kept talking about because it served as my first major break.

CN: What is this unique selling point and why should Nigerians choose Boiworld Interiors over competitors?

BOI: We give satisfaction. If my customers are not satisfied, I don’t leave. My slogan is “Interiors that satisfy” I don’t talk to impress; I work to impress. I remember when I was introduced to a client and he told me he wanted me to do a job in one week. Although, it was demanding, it was not impossible for me. I gave it my all I had to the extent that I went round Lagos for his job. After I was done with the job, I asked him what he felt about what I did, he said he was impressed and satisfied… I had to update my PM (laughs). Nothing gives me that sense of fulfillment than to see my customers satisfied. Our selling point is giving our customers that satisfaction. If you tell me you are not satisfied, I take off the blind until I get it right and my customer is happy and satisfied, I won’t give up  on your space and because of this determined nature of mine, most of my jobs I do have been on referrals.

CN: In five years time, what will Boiworld Interiors be known for?

BOI: In as much as I dream big dreams, I try to take one step at a time. Hopefully and by God’s grace, we will be one of the leading interior decorations company to be reckoned with in Nigeria, in Africa and also the world. It is a big dream.


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