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Embracing The Organic Lifestyle


By Ebun Oluwole

With the advent or rather the break out of chemical-laden products especially in the cosmetics industry, organic living seems quite far-fetched. The media is doing a fantastic job selling these products to us so much that we don’t think twice before clicking the ”add to cart” button. The frenzy is almost sickening. In the midst of all of this, some of us have taken a backseat to reevaluate our lifestyle. We’ve decided to embrace a life devoid of these harmful chemicals that are fast becoming hazardous to our health.

What then is Organic living? Why am I advocating a break from the norm? Why am I asking we return to our roots thereby living a healthier life as a result? According to All Things Healing, Organic living is a way of life that means becoming healthy, simple and close to nature. In layman’s term, it means doing away with foods, drinks, cosmetics  e.t.c. that are heavily laden with chemicals and opting for healthier options like fruits and vegetables amongst other things. Yes I know what you’re thinking. How’s that even possible especially in this environment of ours? Well, it is very possible. Stick with me.

Would you rather eat healthy and save money on hospital bills or have a diet filled with carbs for instance and suffer from malnutrition? I’m sure you’d pick the former. We’re sticking to diet for the purpose of this article. Now it’s very simple. It’s not a Herculean task. Think about rearranging your wardrobe for example. For you to get the optimum use of the clothes, you’d need to eliminate some right? Ideally, the ones that you haven’t worn in a long time, that are no longer your size, you get the drift. The same applies to healthy eating. You need to restructure your diet to fit in other classes of food to make a balanced diet because at the end of the day, eating a healthy balanced meal is what we’re looking out for.
Then there’s the issue of living healthy on a budget. Some people think it’s an expensive venture and would rather not. But I’m here to debunk that hearsay. You can live healthy on a budget. First thing you need to do is to search within. If you can’t afford to shop in the high-end stores, look around stalls around you. There are markets that stock in wholesales, patronize them and purchase from them. At the end of the day, you’ll realize you’ve made a real bargain. You end up eating healthy and saving money at the same time.

Next, you need to read up, information is power. Read up on veggies, herbs, fruits and other nutritional foods. Google smoothie and salad recipes to keep it interesting. Buy a mini oven if you’re single in order to substitute deep frying for grilling. Replace your seasoning cubes with herbs and bone broths. Little things like this go a long way. Now I’m not saying It’s particularly easy for anyone to wean these things off and it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual thing. It takes time but it’s actually possible. Baby steps.

Same thing goes with cosmetics, opt for handmade/locally made soap bars and clays. Ayurvedic treatments are a good example of herbs for hair and skincare. Stay away from alcohol as it dries out the skin. Scrutinize the ingredients of any packaged products. When you’re through researching you’ll be familiar with the terms and realise they’re all just chemicals with small quantities of the actual products.

By the time, you’re done with these little changes here and there, your organs and body in general will thank you.





About the author: Ebun Oluwole is a Creative writer and Lifestyle blogger. She bares her thoughts at 

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