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Why We Celebrate Democracy Day in Nigeria




Many of us celebrate Democracy Day and I hope majority of us also know the significance of this day. Democracy Day was established to commemorate the restoration of democracy in Nigeria especially after decades of military rule that began in 1966.

Many may feel that we have made little progress and others may appreciate that we have, but all the same here are three things we should do to positively acknowledge democracy day.

1. Develop a spirit of unity

No matter how divided our country may be, we must always remember that little progression can be made if we do not unite. Little was achieved after independence as a result of division. Standing as one will always be better than being a divided and fallen people.  Unity is the foundation of many great nations and unity can help us create the true democracy that we all long for.

2. Be thankful

Some may look at Nigeria and say that we have little to be thankful for; however we have everything to be grateful for. We are rich in natural resources, rich in culture, and rich in joy as we’re amongst the happiest people in the world. If we can develop a growing love and appreciation for our country and all we have, we can begin to build the Nigeria that many of us dream of.

3. Ensure we vote

The whole essence of democracy is the people’s ability to choose who they place in government and how the country is run. We have gone through many battles, endured a civil war, and survived much pain to get to this point of democratic stability. Never forget that a thousand voices began with one. Refusing to vote doesn’t help the issue but instead perpetuates it. Do your job as a citizen of our country and always vote and speak up where you are given the opportunity. There are many countries and groups of people globally who still don’t have democratic rights, so embrace yours. Change occurs not in the twinkling of an eye, but in years of work and persistence.

Overall, we should be reflective, innovative and hopeful on this day. There was once a time were democracy was non-existent in Nigeria, so the fact that we are able to celebrate this day is a true reflection of progress and is hope for greater things to come. Happy Democracy Day!


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