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Africa’s First Solar Powered Millbug Vuya Tablets‏




South African company MillbugTechnology haslaunched a range of solar powered Wi-Fi only Millbug Vuya Tablets to meet the needs of Africans who do not have regular power supply.

The tablets can be charged using the sun, USB cables and electricity. All products and services offered by Millbug are delivered with the environment as a primary consideration offering different screen resolutions to improve the user experience.

Around this affordable yet powerful photovoltaic powered tablet PC are a number of peripherals in the form of products and services such as keyboards, free & premium web-hosting, cloud computing, backup services and web development.

This successful pivot (or more specifically, upward vertical integration shift) has already proven extremely favourable and has given prospectiveusers more freedom to choose highly tailored solutions to their problems or just to have some fun.

For this WiFi-only device, Millbug Technology is relying on various initiatives on the continent like the Project Isizwe, an Allan Knott Craig’s free WiFi for Africa initiative, the BRCK devices of the Kenya-based company and the availability of Television White Spaces which will further fuel the proliferation of affordable internet over vast distances.

The 7″ tablet is powered by Android 4.4 KitKat on a 1.2GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, 4 GB internal Storage and supports up to 32GB microSD card to allow apps run effortlessly.

Millbug Technology boasts a team of in-house developers for custom apps on the devices. The company is also looking forward to developing ties with academic institutions in all regions of the continent for user and region specific content.

The price incentive gives the Vuya tablets an advantage in addition to the solar charging and will be available in more African countries including Nigeria soon.


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