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3 Tips to Ensure You Make Money From Your Website


In this day and age if you’re thinking of starting up a business, you may want to consider starting up something online. The masses are migrating to the World Wide Web therefore we are seemingly moving towards a virtual world; if we’re not already in one. If you’re thinking of starting up a website, here are a few things to consider.

Have a clear target audience

Many websites don’t have a clear objective and therefore don’t leave an impression in the minds of visitors. One of the keys to a successful website is to ensure you draw traffic through leaving a lasting impression. Have a clear objective, know who you want to attract and give them what will keep them coming back for more.

Tactfully use advertisements

Advertisements can be tedious, however if tactfully placed they can be helpful to your audience and to your website also. As much as we hate to be bombarded with adverts, if they’re subtly placed and somewhat related to our interests we may be likely to click on our next new pair of shoes or discounted holiday destination. In return, you the website owner have generated more revenue which is always a plus.

On the flip side, advertisers are looking for platforms with robust viewership as well as content that relates to the products they’re advertising and people they intend on advertising to. Ensure you consider this in your venture to attract cashflow through potential advertisers.

Ensure quality content

Content is essentially the lifeline of your website! One of my greatest pet peeves is seeing a website with outdated content. Always update your content and ensure it is accurate, interesting and relevant. This will make or break the growth of your website.

Apply these tips and I’m sure you will have more traffic than you can handle, and hopefully more money than you can spend in the long run.

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