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What 3 Idiots Can Teach You About Passion and Career



On Christmas day of 2009, 3 Idiots, an Indian coming of age comedy-drama film was released. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.

Well that’s a story and it’s real! Another story is that I was featured in that same film. Well, that’s a story but buddy, it’s never real – I’m never going to be a Bollywood actor!

You’re probably asking why all these rants? Fine, it’s simple – I just wanted your attention to read the first few lines.

What really is your passion in life?

Do you even know what your passion is? If so, are you really pursuing your passion or are you doing something else? Now, let’s learn a big lesson from our 3 Idiots!

Meet Rancho, the lead actor in 3 idiots – a non-conformist that would rather walk the path that he believes so much in than follow others all in the name of looking good doing what everyone else is doing.

Take a trip to know about our 3 Idiots

Pursue Excellence First and Success Will Follow

Rancho, among all his peers at the Engineering College stood out and as a result, he acted differently from the way others acted. Many of his peers went to college to be engineers just so that they could get a good job abroad like many engineers are used to in India. Rancho however, only came to school to study Engineering because he loved machines and was passionate about learning how they work so he could invent his own machines as well.

Now, I would like you to ask yourself one question before you read the rest of this post and that question is: are you really doing what you are doing now because you are passionate about it? Or are you just doing it because it’s a means to the end of getting rich or becoming successful?

If you’ve gotten an answer to that question, write it down somewhere while we continue.

In sharp contrast to Rancho comes Chatur – The silencer, who was in college just to get a good job, crammed all that he was taught rather than understanding it., and would stop at nothing to get through school and get the best grades.

Is Success all About Getting Rich?

There are many people like Chatur out there who think success in life is all about getting rich, getting a good job and making lots of money so they can build several houses, buy many cars and marry the most beautiful/handsome person in the world. But is that really what success is all about?

Maybe getting rich is your own definition of success but I have two questions for you; are you really fulfilled chasing around all the money in this world? And will you do what you love to make those truckloads of money you want?

I’m quite certain that many people’s answer would be no to those two questions and if you are one of those people, wouldn’t you rather think of better things to do to live a better and fulfilled life aside from chasing after all the big bucks of this world?

Don’t get me wrong, I will never say money isn’t important but what is the benefit of trying to make money by doing what you hate when you can make money doing what you love?

Is Your Job What You Really Love?

Working at a job is never bad if you know you will be better off having a job, but do you really love your job and did you chose it because you love it, or because you need to pay the bills and it seems like the only way?

If you hate what you are doing now, then there is surely an escape route for you to evade all the boredom and frustration you always experience working at a job you hate doing. That escape route is simply to start doing what you love by changing your career, or starting a business you love.

Is Your Career Path In Sync With What You Love?

Today, it’s a pity that our school system across the world has only helped in making people study what they aren’t passionate about and be who they really don’t want to be. However, that isn’t an excuse for you to stick to that same path when you can free yourself of what life and school has imposed on you and go after the path you love.

Putting the Pieces Together – Pursue Excellence And Success Will Come

Success is relative and money is good, but there is surely a bigger and better cause in life than chasing after the big bucks – living a life where every second is spent doing what really makes the heart merry therefore making the world a better and happier place for ourselves and others.

In all you do, pursue what you love with an insane amount of drive and energy, and with your heart and watch how successful you will be at the end.


About the Author: Mayowa Ajisafe is an author, life coach and online marketing consultant. He hosts and produces a weekly career podcast at where he shares great tips and strategies to help job seekers land their dream job. He also hosts a weekly online show and interviews Nigerian online mavens at where they share their amazing success stories with Nigerians.

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