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Recommended: Gidi Up, Written and Directed by Jadesola Osiberu



Highly recommended this weekend is a web series now a popular TV show, Gidi Up, from the stables of Ndani TV whose primary mission is to majorly tell contemporary African stories.

Gidi Up is a tale of youth, youthful exuberance, passion, dreams and aspirations, it follows the lives of four friends (Obi, Yvonne, Tokunbo and Eki) with different goals and paths but constantly faced with many obstacles; they get into trouble, make bad decisions with careers which sets in motion a chain reaction in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The series was initially an eight-part web miniseries, with a length of approximately eight minutes per episode and used to be broadcast only online but Season Two, which is almost thirty minutes long, is now available online and on television.

In Season One, fine boy, Obi (played by Karibi Fubura) is a budding radio presenter. Offered a huge TV deal, he begins to spend unrealised perceived wealth as he obtains a loan from a thug to acquire a life of luxury, hoping the remuneration for the television project will pay back the loan. However, his pay for the first season of the show is very low and Obi ends up getting threats from his creditor who promised to mess up his fine boy status.

Yvonne (Somkele Iyamah) is an upcoming fashion designer who starts up a fashion brand with the help of an aristo; Chief Jagun (Bimbo Manuel) and aided by his personal assistant, Folarin (Daniel Effiong). Tokunbo (Adeyemi Okanlawon) is having the usual father and son problems regarding his career interest, while Eki (Oreka Godis) also leaves her home because her parents do not support her dreams to pursue a career in photography.
Season 1 has been merged into a single file which is available on Ndani’s Youtube Channel. It is recommended to watch to keep abreast of the characters and story line.

In Season 2, OC Ukeje replaces Kabiri, still with a nonchalant attitude towards everything, an repentant player who gets to meet Yvonne through Eki and they both become close friends. Yvonne, the fashion designer who is desperate to become very successful due to her poor background, restarts her fashion label Vone with the help of her Aristo’s daughter Sharon played by Adesua Etomi. The relationship is murky and becomes murkier as a love triangle emerges.

Tokunbo Adepoju, played by Adeyemi Okanlawon, starts a company that deals with cashless transaction platforms and dates Eki. He begins to acquire ridiculous gear; a range rover, a MAC, irrelevant extravagant stuff for a start up funded by venture capitalists.

Season 2 has a great political undertone which is very relevant considering elections are less than five months away. Gidi Up parades veteran stars Bimbo Manuel (Chief Jagun), Jide Kosoko (Commissioner Olaitan), Iretiola Doyle (Illa) and rising stars Adesua Etomi, Daniel Effiong. Never has a series reached out to the younger generation as this, it is totally worth your data if you choose to watch on YouTube. Look out for Folarin, the villain of the show who plays his role so well you will get to love him. Look out for Daniel Effiong; he is up to something good in the showbiz industry.

Rating: Superb casting, cinematography and story. It will have you at the edge of your seat, leaving you spellbound. Thank us later.

About the author:  Adelarin Eniola Awotedu is a storyteller from Lagos, Nigeria. An avid reader and traveler, she writes and produces content for the web, stage and screen with an interest in Technology. You can follow her on twitter @abiikeblogger

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