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Tourism Tuesdays: What Does Lagos Have to Offer the Traveller?



When the Portugese explorer, Rui de Sequeira, came to spend some time in that city in 1472, he named it ‘Lago de Curamo’ meaning lakes. The city is a huge metropolis which lies on the Atlantic coast in the Gulf of the Guinea. Lagos is a chief town with a delicate history, as one time it served as a major centre for the slave trade. When its status as the capital of Nigeria was taken from it, the city did not give up. It is estimated that Lagos will become the third largest mega city in the world come 2015, following closely after Tokyo, Japan and Mumbai. Till today, it is still the economic and financial capital of Nigeria and a great place of leisure and rest for any traveller.

Lagos is divided into different districts; each district is distinct and at the same time closely linked to the totality of the city. On the mainland is where you find a larger percentage of people and companies. There are two stadiums and the National Theatre in Surulere, and a Federal University- University of Lagos- in Yaba and Murtala Muhammed International Airport situated in Ikeja, which is the capital city of Lagos. Another district in Lagos pulls together the busy and populated areas of Mushin, Somolu, Oworonshoki, Agege, and Ejigbo among others. In these areas, if you know where you should go and how to get there, you can find great products and services for very affordable prices. If you are also on the search for the true Lagosian, you have come to the right place.

The Island is a major urban district of Lagos, separated from the mainland by water and connected to it by bridges. This district is where most companies’ headquarters are situated and serves as an entertainment haven for anyone looking for it. It also houses the city’s largest wholesale marketplace, Eko, and monumental places such as the National Museum of Nigeria, the Oba’s Palace, and Tinubu Square among several others.

There is also the new Eko Atlantic City under construction; a planned city which will be known as the ‘ideal Lagos’. In it, the saying would probably hold true, “leave all your Lagos challenges behind”.

This amazing city, asides from its annoying traffic jams and a few other challenges. promises the traveller a chance to be in sync with the history and the story of Lagos. For history, you want to be in Badagry Town and for the opportunity to be a part of the story Lagos is making presently, you want to be everywhere else in the city!

If you are the quiet type and you just want alone time with the people you love, there are several getaway spots in Lagos that will catch your fancy. Beaches are perfect places and there are over a dozen beaches in Lagos which you can choose from. If you want to have great fun, there is a reason why this megacity is named, ‘the city that never sleeps’. Its nightlife and music is a major attraction for most tourists that make Lagos their vacation destination.

Here in Lagos, there is something for everyone. For the traveller looking for a city to relax for a while or an outside investor looking for an ideal city for business, Lagos is there for the taking!

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