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3 Tips to Help You Get More Productive in The Work Place


It’s the beginning of another hectic work week and you’re not quite sure of how you can be more productive in the office. You seem to have a hard time deciding on a strategy that will give you the greatest reward on your effort.

Productivity is all about getting things done in the shortest period of time in an orderly and efficient manner. If you’ve been wondering about what you can do to spike up your productivity at work, these 3 tips are for you.

  • Define Your MITs. What are your most important tasks? The earlier you define your MITs, the more productive you’ll be at work. Defining your MITs enables you to focus on the real meat and potatoes of your work. It also helps you cut out distractions and time wasting activities. Your MITs are the big frogs you have to eat first before dessert comes. Define them, work on them and watch your productivity soar.
  • Don’t Multitask. By all means refuse the temptation to multitask. In order to do great work, you need to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking will result in you adopting a scattergun approach to your work and this will invariably lead to shoddy work.
  • Work Offline. Working online can adversely affect your productivity. The temptation to check email, Facebook updates, Twitter timelines and the likes will be too great to bear. Working offline will enable you focus and churn out an impressive amount of work in no time at all. This will greatly impact on your morale and boost your productivity.

Have a great week.

About the author: Roman Ajiboye is a freelance writer who loves books, social media and the web. His articles have appeared on and He writes opinion pieces via, personal essays on his blog, and tweets via @HammedAjiboye

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