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Should You Get the BlackBerry Passport?

blackberry Passport


Since the official release of the BlackBerry Passport in September, various reviews have been written about its look and its peculiar features. It has been described as odd-looking, and a noticeable shift can be seen as the Blackberry Passport functions and looks more enterprising than the Blackberry 10 devices.

The company’s determination to go back to capturing the enterprising market did go a long way in affecting the design and the functionality of the BlackBerry passport.  The physical design of the phablet has similar dimensions to that of an international passport. It uses a capacitive touch 3-row Blackberry Keyboard with contextual auto-correction, next-word predication and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type. The Passport is square shaped with a display of 4.5″, 13 megapixels OIS camera, 32GB of flash storage which is expandable up to 128GB and has 30 hours of battery life. It comes with the 10.3 operating system and has features like the Geo-tagging, face detection and the HDR.

In conclusion, the BlackBerry Passport is a great phone to have. The phablet is praised for the quality of its display, the keyboard and its unique touch gestures and for the performance of its operating system although there are not enough software for the device as some android games, videos and twitter do not adapt well to the square screen.

If you use your phone primarily for business purposes, the BlackBerry Passport may be perfect for you!

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