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The Importance of Personal Branding

It is no longer in doubt that personal branding, an essential requirement for today’s innovative and high flying professional, is here to stay. In an increasingly competitive world, you, as well as your product or service, must stand out from the crowd in order to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

In the words of Richard Branson who has one of the strongest personal brands in the world today, “the first impression is extremely important but the second is equally as important” or as Ed Bradley said ” sell yourself first, then your company, then your product.”

Personal branding may be touted as many things by many people, but one thing is certain; your brand is not a false image of yourself that you present to the world nor is it about you pretending to be something you are not, in order to appeal to a larger audience or gain a greater market-share. Your personal brand must be genuine and authentic, and once you have defined it, must involve playing to your true strengths, to guarantee more successful outcomes in the execution of your overall tasks or assignment.  You are better equipped to achieve your goals, because you are projecting your best self.

A strong personal brand is a win-win for you and the organisation you serve.  You will come across more convincingly, and represent your company or product more confidently, as you do so from a place of knowledge and strength.

The ARTELIER Personal Brand Management programme is designed to help participants discover, define and refine their personal brands. In the course of the training, participants will learn how to project their individual brands more effectively, thus enhancing customer confidence in their organisation and reinforcing the company brand, for maximum positive impact.

This practical, result-oriented programme is flexible, and course duration and content can be customised to suit the busy schedule or peculiar challenges of today’s executive.

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