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Book Review: Ideas Are Money- A Timeless Secret to Greatness

Book: Ideas Are Money- A Timeless Secret to Greatness

Author: Charles Okoh

SOS International, 2011

ISBN: 978-978-907-675-8

As part of the title says, this book takes the trouble of going to cite success stories from different centuries, to prove its point. The crux of the matter is clear: having an idea is good, but milking an idea is profitable. Unfortunately, while the average person might harbour a life transforming idea in his heart, it might die prematurely as a result of fear, criticism or inadequate funds.


what's your excuse

This book tackles most of the problems stated above, giving enough motivation through examples in Chapter 7 to help one scale through fear and criticism. It even drops some advice on how to be cautious with your highly sensitive brain nugget, giving tips on learning the laws of money in Chapter 5 and having a Plan B in Chapter 9. However, it says nothing about how to actually transform your ideas to cash, nor does it mention any organization in Nigeria where you could get a naira for your thoughts.

Still, it is good material filled with insights and inspiration. If you are one burdened with ideas and lack the driving force to get you up and going, this is a great book to get.


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