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3 Ways to Ensure Your Week Gets Off to a Great Start

It is the beginning of the week, and you will have many more of them throughout your lifetime. I have come to realize, the less you prepare for Monday, the worse the start of the week is. Based on my observations and many trials and errors, I have come to realize that preparation is the only way to ensure you kick-start your week in the right direction. Here are 3 tips you can apply.

Start Your Week on Sunday Night – What better way to prepare for Monday than to start on Sunday? When I start my week Monday morning in the office, I am the most discombobulated human being ever. It is imperative that after a weekend of relaxation, enjoyment or stress you give yourself ample time to re-gather, and re-focus, especially because Mondays are usually hectic. Finish incomplete tasks from last week, and write down fresh tasks for the upcoming week. I guarantee that if you do this, you will wake up Monday Morning calm and collected, and most importantly, ready to conquer the world.

Prepare Your Mind With Positive Meditations– Positive meditations come in many forms. For some of us, we achieve this through prayer, and others have their own methods which work for them. No matter the means you choose, just ensure you think and speak positively before you begin the new week. Write and say the things that you want to happen, and watch the universe work in your favour.

Have Something to Look Forward to–  If you want to get the most out of your week, you must begin your week with a clear cut goal, and use it as bait any time you lose focus or you get discouraged, lazy, or bored. It will help you hit the floor running when you start your week and most importantly, will help you jump over the hurdles that you face on a daily basis.


About the author: Elizabeth Ayoola is a vibrant writer and spoken word artist who enjoys discussing an array of topics ranging from personal development, to social issues. She manages a spoken word website, as well as a blog about her experiences living in Nigeria at You can find her on Twitter @beepoetic.


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