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BHM Group Announces The Launch of Pan-African Digital Agency

One of Nigeria’s leading Media and Public Relations agencies, BHM has announced the kick off of a new company called ID Africa.

The new agency, headquartered in Lagos, is a ‘social and digital marketing agency’, the founder Ayeni Adekunle said.

According to Ayeni, ID Africa is a creative, social and digital marketing agency specializing in the customization of brand communication to specific target markets, and the use of stories and conversations to engage audiences.

The company is part of the BHM Group, which is home to Nigerian Entertainment Today and BlackHouse Media.

In 2014, BHM introduced Nigeria’s first mobile application for the media and PR industry, and, according to data from its digital department, the company recorded over one billion (1bn) social impressions from different campaigns during the year.

Speaking further, Ayeni said “Brands should not only tell their stories, they must have a passionate community of consumers who are believers and evangelists, happy to share their experience and convert even the worst skeptic. The combination of great social technology and cool content are the sine qua non to achieving this.”

The birth of this type of digital conversation, according to ID Africa, may just be the end of advertising, as we know it. If successful in this quest to disrupt status quo, the company would have created a new global template for Internet Marketing and Online Public Relations.


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