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How to Make Money 2

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I have discovered that there are four levels one can make money namely:

1. As an employee

2. As a self employed person

3. As a business system owner

4. As an investor



It is very common to make money as an employee. Every business owner has worked for someone before they started their business – even if only as an intern. It is a very important time of your life as this is the time you will receive training, if you are teachable and open to learning. You will learn the discipline of using your hours for work, planning schedules, handling tasks and meeting targets. You will also learn the ideals of building a business. It would be smart to learn from your colleagues and your superiors; learn their habits and modus operandi. It would help you when you want to start your business or it would help in climbing the corporate ladder – if you work at a progressive company that has a future. Learn everything you need to because every day is a learning experience, if you have the right perspective. Be teachable.



It can be a very difficult time as you are learning how to put your processes in place. Some of the important values are honesty, integrity, keeping to time, keeping your promises and maintaining a relationship with your clients and your vendors. No self-employed person exists as an island; you are constantly relating with vendors and customers and they are people who receive value or add value to you. A self-employed person might be selling goods/products (foodstuff, computers, mobile phones, inverters etc.) or services (acting services, PR services, accounting or advisory services). Your goal is to provide the best service possible and to make your clients happy.  This is the first step to building your clientele.


Next week, I will discuss the other levels you can make money from.



About the Writer: Tessa Doghor is a social media manager in Lagos. She blogs at and is also on twitter as @tessbabee

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1 Comment

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