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An Appreciation Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan

Mr. President Sir,

I have watched carefully for the past few years how things have unfolded since you came into power as The President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria and I will commend your efforts so far amidst criticisms this letter might bring up from anyone.

Sir, you are the only president I know that has ruled with so much pain, pressure, abuses, attacks, hate and still, in one way or the other made meaningful progress in this nation whether haters accept it or not. Sometimes I wonder if you eat well, sleep well or even have personal time for yourself, your wife and your family.

As you have accepted our new President Elect General, Muhammadu Buhari, so have we and we equally have a deep regard for him. You are the only selfless Nigerian President who had no problem giving up his dreams, aspirations and ambition for the safety of his people. For this sir, we owe you a debt of eternal gratitude, for you have given us a new story for our children and a new song in our mouths. You actually achieved your transformation agenda by transforming Nigerian politics, the People’s Democratic Party, Nigerian History and so many other sectors.

A president that was highly and widely scorned is now a president that is highly and widely celebrated, one to reckon with.

Take a bow Mr. President, for you have rewritten our political history.

You are a legend and my hero sir, THANK YOU.



A Nigerian citizen with the love of country at heart!




About the Writer: Abang Dove is a writer, a poet, an entrepreneur and an activist. She blogs at and tweets @abangdove


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1 Comment

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