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How to Become a Social Media Warrior in Nigeria

First of all,  let’s define what social media is: simply put, social media is any form of media (from written to visual to audio) that is designed to be shared. Sharing means that it is easy to comment on, send and copy the media, and that there are no high costs associated with this. Because of the connected nature of the internet, it means that sharing, commenting and viewing can all be tracked and measured.

Social media can also be referred to as Web 2.0, consumer generated media, citizen media or new media. The realm of social media is about collaborating , creating content, sharing and most of all connecting. Social media has changed the world of marketing and can be used as an integral part of an online marketing campaign.

That said, the need for Social media can not be over emphasized with the influx of E-commerce stores such as Konga, Jumia, Dealdey to mention a few and with all these stores hiring people en mass; it is vital for you to be social media proficient and eventually a Warrior; by this, I mean to be able to adapt and navigate easily from one social media platform to another and understand their various KPIs. What works for Facebook might not necessarily work for Google+ or Twitter.

Hence, knowing when and how to post is vital as in the realm of Social media, “Attention” is the only digital Currency. Online attention of the average internet user – especially in Nigeria – is slim and your task is to enable the exchange of attention for value. It is a daunting task but it can be achieved.

In our next episode, we will look at the various social media platforms relevant to Nigerians and the tools to make posting effective and interesting.





About the Writer: Okemini Otum is a certified Digital Business Manager (from Lagos Business School and Google) and a Social Media Strategist. Find Okemini on Twitter: @rabbi_oceans


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