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How to Make Money 3

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Money is an exchange for value, so you cannot say that you are poor because every man has value that he/she can add; even if it is only the labour of your hands at first. You can work as an employee or as a self-employed person. You can also work as a business system owner or as an investor.


As a Business System Owner

Examples of business system owners are: and They are example of companies that were opened because the individuals behind them were watching the trends. Social media managers, bloggers and comedians became an industry because they were watching the trends. Every business owner that wants to succeed must watch the trends. That is why CNN and all other news outlets are on social media; they have noticed that the way people communicate is constantly changing. Are you watching the trends? What changes are happening currently? Be quick, so you can ride the trend before the late-comers come.


As an Investor

Have you heard of the Elumelu Foundation, YouWin, and Etisalat Writing Competition held yearly? Investors sponsor these competitions because they add value to people and in turn generate brand awareness and business for the companies making these investments. Everybody wins!

God has given everyone something. Do not hide it. Grow it, hone it, and use it. You are a person of value! Do you acknowledge the value in you? Know your value, start using it and you will get there.



About the Writer: Tessa Doghor is a social media manager in Lagos. She blogs at and is also on twitter as @tessbabee


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