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Learn a Skill Wednesday: How to Learn Sign Language

It’s time to learn a new skill that’s unconventional: communicating with sign language.

Some of the deaf people we encounter daily were born deaf while some lost their ability to hear while growing up. Despite this disability, many deaf people have gone ahead to achieve great things in life. A good example is Juliette Low, the founder of Girl Scouts in America.


They use what’s known as sign language to communicate with others; using hand gestures. Sign language may seem hard, especially after watching an expert, but with practice and perseverance, it’s something that can be learnt and added as a valuable skill.

Here are some simple phrases to help you get started:


1. Dad: Tap the tip of your thumb on your forehead

2. Mum: Tap the tip of your thumb on your chin.

3. More: Tap the tips of your fingers together

4. All done: Twist your open palms back and forth

5. Medicine: Whisk your middle finger on the surface of your open palm

6. Eat: Touch your lips with the tips of your fingers (like you’re putting food in your mouth)

7. Water: Make a sign with your fingers and tap them on your lips

8. Book: First place palms together (prayer position), then swing them open and close.

9. Please: Rub palm on your chest in a circular motion

10. Thank you: Touch your lips and move your hand outwards (as if you’re blowing a kiss)


You can also learn the alphabet and other phrases with these pictures:

sign_lang_image.97201556_std brightstart-3 sign-language 29 countries 1


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About the Writer: Ify Halim is a young Creative and a promoter of values through the force that is writing. Follow her on twitter @MissHalim

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