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5 Favourite Comments From Online Q&A Session With Mark Essien

If you could, what would you ask an entrepreneur who has just secured 1.2 billion dollars – not Naira – from foreign investors?

Nigerians got the chance to indulge in this massively during an online Radar chat session with’s founder and CEO, Mark Essien. This was hosted by TechCabal on 26 May, 2015.

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Questions generally cut across his start-up phase and the challenges faced then, dealing with competition, his working life and the subject of the hour – the investment deal itself.

Here are five of our favourite questions, answers and comments from the interesting conversation:




2. @Jacob: What inspired you to start

@Mark: I was inspired by wanting to do something tech in Nigeria and seeing a big, open market.


3. @NaijaTechie: Do you regret the funding you got from Jason Njoku and the amount of shares you had to give up?

@Mark: With[out] Jason and Bastian and the support/exposure they gave, would we have made it this far?


4. @ChikaObuah: What was your biggest fear on your journey to this point?

@Mark: My biggest fear was that we would not make enough money in time to be able to survive, in case we did not raise money in time. Luckily, with focus and a bit of luck, we crossed the bridge.







Read more comments from the conversation on the Radar platform.

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