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6 Historic Hotels in Africa You Should Visit This Summer

Africa is home to quite a number of hotels that have been in existence since the 19th and 20th centuries; these historic hotels have hosted both royalty and celebrities. Their quaint decor and luxurious feel makes one right at home although with a high cost. They have an appeal all their own and evoke a graceful aura that is often part of their character., Africa’s No1 hotel-booking website brings you some of Africa’s finest historic hotels. Perhaps, you could venture out there to mingle with the essence of royalty past.

Nigeria’s Federal Palace Hotel


This is the first of its kind. It is located on the Victoria Island in Lagos and has the best views as it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. With immense historical background, it was established in 1960 – the year of independence for the country. After renovations and refurbishment, it is now a blend of ancient charm with modern luxury.


Ethiopia’s Taitu


This was built in 1907 as desired by the Empress Taitu. As the oldest hotel in Addis, it has undergone renovations especially after the tragic fire incident of January this year. Unfortunately for those who have sentiments attached to the hotel, it may not be the same. This historic hotel was particularly favoured by the political elite and the Emperor Menelik himself – royalty, the elites in the society and also the international war correspondents and photojournalists covering the second Italian invasion of Ethiopia were hosted in the great Taitu.


Algeria’s Saint Georges


Though the name has been ‘arabized’ to El Djazair Hotel after the independence, it was created in 1889 and is owned and managed by the government staff in Algeria since 1962. Reviews say that service is not their forte but the property has been regarded to as ‘a piece of heaven in the middle of a hectic city’. Vintage lovers take solace in the grand old architecture. The Queen Elizabeth II and many other Britons have spent winters at the Saint Georges!


South Africa’s Oude Werf


This is one of the oldest hotels in South Africa. Built in 1687 in Stellenbosh (near Cape Town), it was sadly ravaged by a tragic fire in 1710. With its interesting history and extensive renovation and remodeling, the Oude Werf Hotel is now owned by the Petousis family and run by a team of over 60 members. Since 1802 it has housed statesmen, renowned artists, world explorers and even ghosts.


Tanzania’s Arusha Hotel


Established 1894, this is one of the oldest hotels in East Africa. After several transformations it has emerged as one of the leading hotels in the fast growing city of Arusha. The Arusha Hotel set the precedence for hospitality and accommodation since its inception. It has hosted royalty and a number of famous celebrities like Miriam Makeba and Will & Jada Smith amongst others. Even with years of existence and change of ownership, this hotel has still maintained its character with a touch of nostalgia beautifully balanced with the needs of the modern world. Its proximity to the Serengiti adds to its affluence.


Kenya’s Sarova Stanley


Launched in 1902, it distinguished itself as the first luxury hotel in Nairobi and has since hosted prominent world leaders, renowned authors, and international celebrities. It has been referred to as as a ‘beacon of luxury and unrivalled hospitality’ and has hosted both royalty and Hollywood luminaries such as Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner amongst others. Each suite is named after an important person or place in the hotel’s history. The Sarova Stanley offers warm hospitality, architectural charm, and unparalleled service. It has been a charter member of Historic Hotels Worldwide since 2011.

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