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How to Use Twitter to Make Business Sales

Did you know that 34% of marketers have used Twitter to generate business leads and 20% of those leads converted to sales? I know what you’re thinking – Twitter can be great for your business! You already knew that right? But what you probably want to know is how to use twitter for business sales.

To use twitter for business sales, you must first have reach, engagement and then generate business leads. We’ll be looking at practical techniques you can apply today to help your business reach a wider (and the right) audience, engaging your followers and generating sales leads.

Increase Your Reach

With over 302 million active users every month and 500 million tweets sent each day, it might be a bit difficult for your brand to stand out from the noise. But not impossible.

So what can you do now to increase your followers and reach on twitter?

Use Hashtags: The use of hashtags will help you get your tweets noticed. In fact, using 1-2 hashtags in a tweet will get you 21% more engagement and visibility. What you can do for your business is hashtag words you think your audience will search for.

Follow Others: 20% of users you follow will follow you back. Does that mean you need to follow every Tom, Dick and Harriet? No. You should follow users who have already shown an interest in what your business offers. Using the search tool on twitter to search for your product or service will show you what people are saying about your product or service. These users are the people you should engage with. And your competitors’ followers as well.

Post Great Content Consistently: 73% of followers want updates on your products and services. Give it to them. But be careful not to overwhelm them with sales messages. In fact, the rule of thumb is post 80% of valuable content to your users and 20% of sales messages.

Run Promos and Offer Discounts: 94% of Twitter users say they will follow a business for discounts and promotions. So if you have a new deal, special promo or offering a great discount, tweet about it. Also, make sure you use clear language when tweeting about your discounts and promos. Clearly stated benefits get 29.8% more retweets.



Increase Your Click through Rates

Use Images: Most people love visuals. So much so that tweets with images generate 18% more clicks and generate 2x more engagement than tweets without images. So get visual and start posting pictures of your products and services.

Use Verbs: Actionable words like ‘’check out’’, ‘’follow’’ and ‘’download’’ can help you increase your clicks by an average of 13%. You can see other 20 words and phrases that do well on twitter here.

Link to Mobile Friendly Sites: 66% of users who tweet about brands are mobile users. So make sure your link takes your target to a mobile friendly site. Especially in Nigeria, where 70% of internet users in Nigeria access the web via their mobile phones



Generating Leads

Create Landing Pages on Your Website: Your website should have a page where you can collect information of users or visitors that are interested in your business. You can have a simple newsletter subscription form, or a form for users that are interested in your deals and discounts.  The forms should ask users to fill out their names, emails and phone numbers so you can easily follow up with them.

Okay, over to you. Do you already use these tactics for your business profile on twitter? Let’s hear your results. And if you think we missed anything, do share in the comments section below.



About the Writer: Mason Frederick is a business developer and he shares practical tips on how you can achieve your marketing goals using online tools. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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