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Lessons From the 7 Star Worker Conference: 6 Ways to Turn Your SME Into a Global Brand

SMEs are a very important part of the Nigerian economy. This is the reason behind the organization of this year’s 7 Star Worker Conference which held yesterday, 1st May, 2015 in Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

Valuable lessons for entrepreneurs looking for ways to turn their SME into a global brand were shared by the seasoned speakers. Some of the lessons I learnt are:

1. Think global: You have to change the way you think because the way you think will eventually influence the way you behave. Widen your horizon by learning new languages that will prepare you to take your business international. Remember that the most successful people in the world prepared for the future before they got there. Also align your aspirations with global trends.

2. Learn the necessary skills: It is good to outsource because you really can not do everything but as an entrepreneur, you must know something about everything!

3. Learn how to network effectively: Build a professional network and be deliberate and purposeful in choosing friends. Remember that your network is your net worth.

4. Build a good reward system: Being a good leader is about being sensitive to the needs and efforts of your team and employees. Keep them motivated to give their best to help your company grow by giving incentives and rewarding hard work always. When your employees are happy, the environment becomes a fertile ground for fresh ideas, creativity and innovation.

5. Use setbacks to spring yourself and your business higher and forward: You will fail at some ventures but you must endeavour to not allow it deter you. Use the experience and knowledge gained from the failure to make better business decisions in future. It is all about your attitude.

6. Keep solving problems: The moment your company stops solving problems, you are already doomed to fail. Stay relevant by looking for new ways to solve old problems, new ways to solve new problems and old ways to solve new problems; just stay relevant!


Were you at the conference? Share the lessons you learnt with us in the comment section below.




About the Writer: Ejura Salihu is a writer and editor at Connect Nigeria. She is passionate about Nigeria and impacting lives positively. Connect with her on twitter @icyquin_msc


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Ejura Salihu is an Anatomist, Writer and Editor. She is currently the Editor-in-chief for Connect Nigeria. You can contact her via email: or follow her on twitter @icyquin_msc

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