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Children’s Book Review: Akata Witch/What Sunny Saw in the Flames

Title: Akata Witch/What Sunny Saw in the Flames

Author: Nnedi Okoroafor

Publisher: Cassava Republic Press

Number of pages: 229

Type of Book: Fiction, African

Age: 9+

Price: N 800



Sunny is a 13-year-old Igbo girl who grew up in New York and had a pretty ordinary life until she moved back to Nigeria and discovered that she had magical powers. The book follows her journey as she learns about the Leopard people, explores the world of Leopard Knocks and becomes part of a team of four groomed by the Leopard people to stop Black Hat Otokoto and Ekwensu from destroying the world.

This is one of my 10 best books of the year and I recommend it to EVERYONE especially people with a special liking for magical realism.

UP: Leopard Knocks (the West African Headquarters for the Leopard People), the explosive tainted pepper soup and walking books amongst other quirky elements made this a fascinating read for me.

DOWN: It ended abruptly. I will stop here to avoid spoilers.

Five stars

1. What was the title of the slim, green book with tiny black legs, that taught Sunny lots of things about the Leopard people? Fast Facts for Free Agents
2. What currency did the Leopard people use? Chittim
3. Which mentor was called the Defender of Frogs and All Things Natural? Anatov
4. What exploded over Sunny’s head in Leopard Knocks? TUNGWA: A floating bag of warm wet air containing teeth, bone, red chunks of raw, rotten meat and tufts of hair.


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The book is available here



About the Writer: Ugochinyelu Anidi is a lawyer and a children’s literature enthusiast. She blogs at and tweets @UgochinyeluA



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1 Comment

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