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Odyssey to Nature’s Gift to the Nation, Taraba

Embellished by elevated landforms (plateaus, hills and mountains), flawless aerial view and an accommodating people, Taraba State is one state in Nigeria that is yet to be fully celebrated or recognized for her terrific tourism potentials. Visiting Taraba is an adventure of a lifetime. It leaves tourists with an impression that compels them to visit the state again and again! Hence, we can agree that the state is truly Nature’s Gift to Nigeria! The state, created on 27th August, 1991, is bounded on the west by Benue and Plateau and on the east by Cameroun. It has 16 local governments and a population of 2,300,736 according to the 2006 population census. The capital of Taraba is Jalingo. Here are some amazing places to visit in Taraba State:


1. Mambilla Plateau

Located in Gembu, Sardauna Local Government, the Mambilla Plateau is 1,600 metres tall. Climbing this plateau is very exhausting but it adds to the excitement. Tourists have to drive for about 20 to 30 minutes from the foot of the plateau to reach the peak. You have to drive carefully because the road is zigzag.

2. Gashaka-Gumti National Park

The Gashaka-Gumti Park has the enviable record of being the largest National Park in Nigeria. The park is the combination of two names: Gashaka in Taraba and Gumti in Adamawa. Both formerly independent national parks were merged in 1991. The park covers an area of 6,731 Sq. metres and it is home to different animal species among them elephants, lions, chimpanzees, birds, and fishes.

3. Nyonyo Fishing Festival

The Nyonyo Fishing Festival is celebrated in Wukari, one of Taraba’s prominent cities after Jalingo. The festival attracts visitors and tourists from far and wide. Hotels are fully booked and the fanfare is inexhaustible. Interestingly, the festival has been celebrated for more than 90 years. What should tourists look forward to? It is no doubt the fishing competition because the competitor who catches the biggest fish would be declared the winner! So don’t miss it. According to the festival calendar of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, it is usually held in either March or April.


There are prestigious hotels in Taraba state. Across the various cities there are also inexpensive hotels that suit every traveller’s desires. can find affordable hotels for you. It is just a click away. You would be relieved of the stress of searching for hotels when you are in Taraba!

Finding good places to eat is not a problem in Jalingo and cities in Taraba because there are so many restaurants and relaxation spots where you can wine, dine as well as indulge. Some of the restaurants are Classic Stopover, New System Cuisine, My Friend’s Bar to mention but a few.

AUK Kirbi Shopping Complex and Khallo Shopping are two of the most popular shops in Jalingo where you can shop for the best of the latest fashion, shoes, bags and other items on your shopping list.





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