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7 Tricks Guaranteed to Get You Out of Airports Faster

Getting through immigration at the airport can be challenging because of the tons of paperwork, checks and other bottlenecks travellers are faced with.

This said, there are tricks that can aid you get through the airport as fast as possible., Africa’s leading hotel booking portal shares 7 ways you can go through the airport quickly. This will come handy.

Keep your documents within reach

Your visas and passports allow you passage in and out of a country. It is important for every traveller to keep them within their reach as rummaging through your heap of luggage in front of the immigration or customs officer can be a waste of time. To command respect, be highly organised and keep your documents where you can access them easily.

Weigh Your Luggage

For people who often travel with a handful of luggage, it is worthwhile to weigh their bags beforehand.

Every airline has a specific weight which they allow on board. For Arik Air in Lagos, there are different weight categories depending on the class you are flying; business class takes 30kg, economy allows 20kg and infant, 10kg and each class attracts a fine N500 for any extra kilograms.

Weighing your baggage will save time as well as prevent any additional expenditure at the airport. Don’t include prohibited items in your luggage.

Bring your Pen

There is quite a number of documents travellers and visitors are required to fill. So, keep one handy in your purse or breast pocket. You don’t want to request for a pen from fellow travellers. This may be overlooked, but it also helps.

Appear Nice

You are addressed the way you are dressed. With this rule in mind, try not to appear at the airport disheveled. It is an opening for you to be delayed for no fault of yours. More importantly, appearing like a lady or gentleman helps prevent clearance officers from treating you like a drug peddler or gun runner.

Know where you are going

If you are visiting a country for the first time or are unfamiliar with the country, it is better to ask questions. Essentially, you should know where you are going, where to rent a car, the different stages of documentation and where to pick your luggage.

Foreknowledge can protect you from swindlers and save you time. So ask the appropriate authorities for information, if you are uncertain.

Travel at off-peak periods

Apart from off-peak tickets being cheap, it is also possible for you to weave through immigration quickly as possible if you travel on off-peak periods. You can decide to take a midweek flight instead of a weekend flight. This is because the weekend is usually a very busy time at the airport.



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