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PayWithCapture Presents an Exciting New Way to Shop

One of the foremost banking institutions in Nigeria, Access Bank has improved upon the current methods of electronic payment in Nigeria with its new product, PayWithCapture, which allows consumers, merchants and financial institutions access to a more effective, efficient and easy way of transacting without cash.

Recently, PayWithCapture  had a glamourous launch which hosted top personalities in Nigerian business and entertainment.

PayWithCapture is a brand new mobile payment solution that allows you to pay for any item whether you are online or offline. How? By scanning a generated QR-Code using the camera of your mobile device or simply walking into a store and their Beacon-NFC Pay automatically prompts you to pay. It can be linked with different payment methods (MasterCard/VISA, Bank Account and Mobile Wallet) and it is available to download from all major app stores: Google Play Store, Apple Store and Blackberry World.

Head of Product Management, Innovation and Digital Banking, Olugbenga Agboola, said that PayWithCapture works with or without access to the internet.

The best part? You can also get fantastic discounts for purchasing items with the baetracker app. If you don’t know what this app is about, read this.

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Have fun investigating, and shopping today!

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