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What Are Your Values?

Living by a value system may seem old-fashioned these days. This is because change is a constant concept and most people find it easy to embrace freedom that is unrestrained and flexible. Meaning that with them, anything is possible as long as it is what they want at that point in time – which is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it does not involve trading one’s values, one’s sense of self which is tied to one’s happiness for what is considered popular, trendy and hip.

Many argue that these values are man-made and therefore imposed on the young. This argument is not wrong either. Every child, every adult is not an extension of their parents. They are special, unique, different and free to choose, belief and be what they want to be. This is why values exist. They help you become who you really, truly want to be. When you acknowledge your values, life becomes easy and as you make plans to honour them, life becomes easier.

Here are some values and a short one line definition of each. Look through each one and see if you can identify those ones that are important to you. You should write down the values that are most important to you down somewhere that you can easily reach for every day.

Accountability: The condition of being accountable, responsible, and answerable.

Accuracy: The quality, state of being correct, precise

Adventurousness: Inclined to undertake new and daring enterprises.

Altruism: Unselfish concern for the welfare of others, selflessness

Balance: To be in or come into equilibrium.

Belonging: Acceptance as a natural member or part of something.

Competitiveness: Having a strong desire to win and be best at something

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction

Creativity: The use of imagination or original idea to invent something

Dynamism: The forcefulness of an energetic personality

Discretion: The quality of behaving or speaking in a way to avoid causing offence or revealing confidential information

Exploration: The action of exploring an unfamiliar area

Expressiveness: The quality of being expressive

Faith: Complete trust or confidence in someone or something

Family: Cherishing the fundamental social group that consist of one or two parents and children over everything else

Fidelity: Faithfulness to a person, cause or belief

Generosity: the quality of being kind and generous

Grace: Smoothness and elegance of movement

Health: The state of being free from illness or injury

Honesty: The quality of being honest

Ingenuity: The quality of being clever, original, inventive

Intelligence: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills

Intuition: The ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning

Justice: Just behaviour or treatment

Legacy: Something immaterial, a style or a philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

Loyalty: The quality of being loyal

Order: Formal disposition or array, proper and in working condition

Positivity: The quality or state of being positive

Practicality: The quality or state of being practical

Professionalism: The competence or skill expected of a professional

Prudence: The quality of being prudent, wise

Restraint: A measure that keeps someone or something under control

Security: The state of being free from danger or threat

Sensitivity: The quality or condition of being sensitive

Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone

Shrewdness: Astute and sharp in practical matters

Simplicity: The quality or condition of being easy to understand

Soundness: Competent, sensible, valid

Spontaneity: The quality of being spontaneous

Structure: Ability to construct or arrange according to plan, give pattern or organization to something

Temperance: Abstinence or moderation in drinking alcoholic beverages

Thankfulness: The quality of showing warm, friendly feelings of gratitude

Thoroughness: The quality of being painstakingly careful about something

Thoughtfulness: The quality of being kind and showing considerate regard for others

Timeliness: The quality of arriving or being ready early

Uniqueness: The quality of being the only one of its kind

Usefulness: The quality of being useful

Vitality: The state of being strong and active.

This list is in no way exhaustive but by going through the above values, you may have come across a couple of values you count as important to you. You can also tell from the above listed values, what some of the values of your friends and families, or work colleagues are. Knowing what our values are and being able to identify them in others will go a long way in becoming at peace with ourselves and becoming at peace with others.

When you are asked next time what your values are, you can tell them confidently that you appreciate, accountability, contentment, grace, practicality and timeliness. Own your values, and life becomes easy. Plan to honour them, life becomes easier to live.


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