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10 Assets With Better Value Than Money

A famous American writer once considered the value of money and came to this conclusion: “Money often costs too much.” This is because so many of us in the search for more fame and power which may or may not include getting lots of money, lose so many things which are of great value that money can’t and will never buy back. The heart is the home for special assets that are far better than money or anything its equivalent can provide, hence a wise person keeps the thought of money in the head not in the heart.

I have compiled a list of valuable assets you should never sell or lose because you value money more.

1. Time: Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” And the world is glad to have known Steve Jobs because without him, we probably wouldn’t have known that a significant change was possible in the computer industry. He used his time wisely, invested it well. He became a man the world wouldn’t stop talking about even after death. The moral of the story is this – time properly invested can work miracles and has the capacity to change the world.

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2. Creativity: When it comes to choosing a career, we struggle to decide whether to choose what naturally comes to us as a career or choose a professional career that will at least secure our future if not make us wealthy. This is because relying on our creativity, on that which easily comes to us as a profession is like walking on a thin line. We are uncertain of the result we’ll get and it puts us in a vulnerable position but it is in our creativity that we can find and experience the fullness of the life we are living. Young people, nowadays, when contemplating the choice of a career think about these things and there are so many examples of people who studied professional courses at higher institutions only to graduate and build a career in something creatively and insanely different. Most don’t become insanely rich by their drastic career switch yet they are fulfilled.

3. Courage: It is important not to lose courage in the face of whatever challenges life throws in your way. A successful man is that one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others or life has thrown at him. Failure will only start dwelling with you from the moment you decide to give in or give up on yourself. Do not exchange your courage for something cheap. Do that which you are afraid to do. Don’t be afraid to explore, dream and discover.

4. Faith: Endless possibilities abound for people who accept and believe in who they are and what they are capable of achieving. Jim Rohn explains it better, “Faith is an investment that cannot be matched. Money can’t touch it. What if you have a million dollars and no faith? You’d be poor. You wouldn’t be rich.”

5. Health: You must have heard the popular saying “Health is wealth” but you’ve never heard anyone turn it over and say  “Wealth is health.” This is because a healthy state of the body, the mind, soul and spirit is far more valuable than all the money in the world. Wealthy people spend money and sometimes go broke to get the kind of health they want. Some unfortunately do not survive it. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle from here on so you can increase your chances of living a long, happy and healthy life here on earth with or without riches.

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6. Purpose: Finding purpose isn’t necessarily a high or lofty reason we have to find for living. It is more of finding a purposeful reason for your life that goes beyond making just yourself happy. It is about finding something that you can devote your life to which would make better the lives of one, two, thousands, millions of people or make the world a better place and will in turn give you fulfillment.

7. True friends: True friends are hard to find and harder to keep. Most times, those who are your true friends are few in number but you can’t deny that they are treasures you need to keep close to you because they keep you grounded.

8. Family: If the reason you lose your family is because you ran after fame, fortune and power, then you really do not know where true value lies. Having a good relationship with one’s family is one of the deepest sources where you can derive long term happiness. Remember our first point? Invest valuable time and love into your family and reap amazing results. Do not trade them for money!

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9. Community: Be part of a/several community(ies) that share the same beliefs, and possess the same mind and direction as you. They are your support system and they make you aware of a life and a world beyond yourself. The community might be a church or a book reading club. What they’ll add to you is worth more than money can ever get you.

10. Experiences: Most people spend money on things that do not last and do not give as much satisfaction as they truly need but when we spend money on building memories and valuable experiences with people we love and cherish, we get more happiness, more excitement and more satisfaction for it because they become cherished memories we can replay in our minds. So get out and experience the world with the people you love and appreciate. Do not miss out.


Did I miss any of your favourite valuable assets? Let me know in the comment section below.

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