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5 Cool Places to Live in Lagos

Lagos is undoubtedly the heartbeat and commercial nerve centre of the country. Therefore it is not surprising that everyone wants to be in this metropolis because the economic opportunities are better compared with other cities.

The strategic role it plays in Nigeria’s history cannot be overemphasised. It was the hub for the fight against colonialism and struggle for independence, served as the former capital of Nigeria, and now is the largest urban State in Africa.

With these accolades, it automatically becomes the choice place to reside in Nigeria. But, as a visitor, where can you live in this city that never sleeps, is always buzzing with activities and has no room for the lazy?, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking rounds up 5 cool places where you can reside in Lagos.


1. Badagry


Historic and serene, Badagry’s place in the transatlantic slave trade is nostalgic. It is a coastal town which attracts many tourists. In addition, it is a favourite place for those who want to reside off-the-grid. If you are looking for a quiet and unspoiled location, Badagry is it. The flaw here is that it is not an economic hub.   

2. Ikeja


Ikeja is the capital city of Nigeria. This makes it a much sought after place to reside. In this part of Lagos, there are various grades of hotels from the affordable to the expensive as well as wonderful houses for the middle-class earner.  It is also a viable haven for business to thrive with the Central Business District at Alausa, and the Government Reserved Area (GRA) located here.  All these add to the brawn of Ikeja as an urban area to dwell.

3. Victoria Island (VI)


Victoria Island is a city of affluence, extravagance and privilege. It is home for the business executives, Managing Directors of blue-chip companies, celebrities and politicians. It is where you find nearly the best of everything in Lagos. Arriving at Victoria Island makes you feel you are in an entirely different place because the show of wealth is outstanding. It is advisable to reside in VI only if you can afford an expensive lifestyle. It is both a real estate and business hub.

4. Ikoyi


This is another cool suburb within the same axis as Victoria Island. The only difference is that Ikoyi is the hub for many government institutions as this was the place where officials of the colonial government lived during the nation’s pre-Independence era. It is a classy place to reside. If you cannot afford the steep pricse in Victoria Island, Ikoyi is a very good alternative.

5. Yaba


Yaba is an interesting mix of the inexpensive and the well-to-do.  It is  a place that mainly attracts students, due to the presence of a University and Technical College as well as middle-class Lagosians.


Did we miss any cool place? Let us know in the comment section below.

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