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8 Traffic Apps You Must Have to Survive in Lagos

We know that one of the major and most annoying problems when it comes to living in Lagos is the traffic situation in the state, and while the government and other parastatals are working on a lasting solution to this annoying situation, several tools have been created for your use to help you find ways to avoid the traffic until you just can’t.

Use these apps and let us know how effective you think they are:

1. Traffic Radio: It is a community-based application that allows the users to broadcast and receive traffic reports wherever they are at the touch of a button. It enables users to send emergency alerts so other users, plus road safety officials can be notified of accidents and security threats on the road. It also gives location-based announcements made by FRSC Nigeria to warn citizens ahead of any danger on the road. The app is free and available for download on all android devices.

2. GidiTraffic: This is a utility service app that brings you closer to traffic/security updates from around the country irrespective of where you are. You get up-to-the-minute reports and live feedback on your enquiries and you can give and receive road traffic info in photographs and in videos.

3. Tsaboin TrafficTalk: With Tsaboin TrafficTalk, Lagos road users can get and share Lagos traffic updates with live traffic cameras in addition to receiving security alerts and notices via push notifications. You can also ask for directions and share your traffic experiences via the platform.

4. Traffic Lite Social GPS & Maps: It is a community-based traffic application that gives you real time road traffic status, allows you to see average speed and total number of users, and gives you estimated time of journey. Get automatic traffic reports and alerts and earn points to redeem gifts.

5. Traffikator: By downloading this app, you receive instant traffic information through a combination of crowdsourcing updates and geo location. Users can connect, chat and tweet through the traffikator app to other users.

6. Road Peer: For Blackberry users, the Road Peer app is it. Road Peer is an online community-based traffic visualisation and notification app that shows you tweets shared by drivers all over the country in real time. It gathers relevant traffic data and displays it in an interactive and easy to understand format.

7. TrafficChiefNG: It is an online community-based traffic visualisation and notification app. From all traffic tweets shared by drivers in Nigeria, TrafficChiefNG gathers all the data and displays it for you on the app in an easy-to-understand format.

8. Highway Flee: When all the apps you’ve downloaded do not get you out of a roadblock or a gridlock, it is time to play the Highway Flee – an endless driving game staged in a hypothetical Lagos city – to relieve the tension.


If all these fail to help, here are fun things you can do to pass time while stuck in traffic.




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