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App Review: MedicPurse

Have you heard about the MedicPurse?

The MedicPurse app allows you to carry around with you your medical records with ease and allows you to analyse your medical results, giving you access to the best health service anytime, any day and at any place. Apart from gathering health information, you will be able to get treatment through the app because it helps you keep all your valuable prescriptions and store all your lab reports safe in a customized cloud. The new era web mapping features on the app is user friendly and allows you to search on the go for different accredited service providers.

It is divided into two sprints. Sprint 1 is about Health Information Management Systems while Sprint 2 will bring in some extra features which will be integrated with the Electronic Health Record System to bring you complete user friendly new era technology that promotes health data access in the society.

You can use the app on your web or mobile browser. You can also download it on your Android and iPhone.

All users can interact with the full application through a free 30-day trial account before subscribing.

For patients and individuals, the app is free to use, 24-7-365 for a life time.

For doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and policy companies, find out here how much it takes for you to subscribe.


Address: SAIM House, 35 Association Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone number: 0808 377 3640, 0816 923 4244 and 0705 800 0405


For tech support:

For more information:

For questions about subscription:


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