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Motivational Monday: Don’t be a Waste!

Nigerian born, internationally known actress, singer and voice-over artiste, Chioma Omeruah, famously known as “Chigul” brings us a breakfast of right thinking with a side dish of laughter on her TEDxEuston talk, “Don’t be a Waste”

Chioma has experienced failure, having failed at so many things and in so many ways to a point where she regarded failure as a thing of beauty. Yet what I find fascinating about her talk is despite her familiarity with failure, she never gave up on herself. She kept trying until she found a field she is good at and today, she has found her element in different theatre productions such as Lorraine Hansberry’s “Raisin in the Sun”, one act plays like “It’s Not My Fault”, played on a little bit of absurdism in a play called, “The Bald Soprano” and on returning home to Nigeria, she has been featured in two musical productions, “A Voice for Ella”, the Nigerian adaptation of the Cinderella story and Disney’s “Lion King” in partnership with Standard Bearer’s School, Lekki, Lagos.

The moral of the video is this: failure may have become a thorn you cannot get rid of but don’t give up. Don’t think of yourself as a failure. Someday, all your hardwork will pay off and you’ll stumble into something great, magical, transforming … so Don’t be a Waste!

Watch Chioma Omeruah TedxEuston talk here:

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