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Nigerian Animated Cartoon Series: Adventures of Turtle Taido Teaches Children About Culture

A new animated cartoon series, Adventures of Turtle Taido will soon debut on television screens. The cartoon series is the story of a turtle travelling to all the cities across Nigeria in search of knowledge and adventure and in this process, learning about different people, cultures and places of interest in the country.

The series will teach cultural values and practices in an educative and entertaining way. Turtle Taido’s story will be told in a way that promotes our culture. Culture, being one of the important element of a people’s identity, the need to raise and teach children about it so that they can treat people who appear different to them with respect and ultimately keep our nation united, cannot be over-emphasised.

Adventures of Turtle Taido will employ 2D animations and is developed for children between the ages of 3 – 11. It will be produced in 4K resolution which is the highest standard resolution available in the world today.  A global team of more than fifty people from Nigeria, Europe and America are presently working on the series.

Here is a sneak peek:

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