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Tech Tuesday: 7 Must-Have Apps and Solutions in Nigeria

Nigeria has witnessed the fastest growth in mobile subscribers in the world. Last year, 1.9 billion people were using smartphones, a figure that’s estimated to reach 5.6 billion by 2019. Apps are being developed left, right and centre in order to improve the daily lives of Africans. In this age of doing almost anything with apps and solutions, Nigerians are definitely not left behind. There have been various arguments that we aren’t quite close to being there, but nevertheless, we can say we are doing fairly well.  Although there are various applications made right here in Nigeria and by some Nigerians too, on this list you would find some and others made from around the world.  Here are a few you should totally have on your phones.



Although an internationally developed programme available in more than 50 countries and recently launched in Lagos Nigeria, this application is a must have for anyone who wants an easy ride from place to place in a state of the art ride with an efficient driver. Uber is what I call your private driver. All you need to do is request a ride using the Uber app and get picked within minutes.



This app was created by Emeka Onyenwe and actually took first place at the Mobile West Africa Conference. Find-a-med is a location based mobile application that allows you to find the nearest health centre around you and also stores your basic health information in case of an emergency. It provides you with a detailed direction to the health and medical centres and helps anyone find pharmacies, dental care, eye care etc. This app stores and tracks your basic health information and allows you to write reviews about any of these centres. When travelling during holidays or festive periods, you should totally consider downloading this app.



This is an application that provides access to movie times across all cinemas in Nigeria. It is basically a community to share and spice up your cinema experience. Cinemixplus provides a listing of all the movies showing in Nigeria and formats this information beautifully for you. It enables you to set reminders on your calendar for movie screen times and provides links to available trailers. It also contains the price lists for all the cinemas and directions to the cinema closest to you.



Hellofood boasts of a pretty good selection of restaurants around popular cities for users to choose from. It lets you pay for your food at delivery with no extra charge on their part. Once you download the Hellofood application, you can tap, choose, and enjoy your yummy meal from many restaurants in your neighbourhood. It is your one-stop food delivery service, whether you like Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, Nigerian, Italian, Chinese, Indian or any other cuisines. Ordering through the free Hellofood app guarantees that your meal will be delivered fast, hot and tasty. The app can also store your several addresses (home, work, etc.) and saves your past orders to make it easier for them to serve you more efficiently. This app makes it easier, either for those who have to wake up earlier for work, or for those who don’t want to get into the hassle of cooking large meals for visitors.



This game is fun and addictive. It consists of beautiful graphics, thrilling and exciting scenes, unique music and awesome effects. It’s perfect for those boring journeys to the village or just being home alone. It is a fun filled puzzle game that was created by Kuluya games.



This is a game every parent must download for their kids. Developed by Elizabeth Kperrun, this application consists of a set of educational information for kids between the ages of 2-10. It actually involves teaching and passing on traditional African folktales in a fun, entertaining and interactive way. In addition to learning about some major African folk stories that are inherently a part of our African heritage and the moral issues addressed in majority of them, this amazing colourful and exciting app also incorporates little puzzles such as object recognition to help with the mental development of young readers.



This app is beautifully written and gives a whole new perspective to reading the Bible, well at least for those who understand and read Pidgin English. And if you are always having your grandparents or in-laws visiting, you might actually consider downloading this Bible for a stress free and happy visitation.

Wishing you a beautiful new week/month and do not forget to share with us your own list of must have apps.


About the Writer: Eniola Adeniji is a woman after God’s own heart, a motivational Writer, Speaker, Fashion and Photography addict. She is also a Business Developer, Social Media Manager and the founder of Woman Of Value. She blogs at



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