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Top 30 Must-Have Mobile Games for Android Part 1

Anyone that has been my friend long enough will tell you in a heartbeat how much of a game and music freak I am. If you are a game addict, love playing and learning about new games; you are definitely at the right place. We’ve compiled some of our favourite games out there right now. While some are free, others require you pay a small fee. These games range from arcade, to action, adventure, strategy, sport etc. Whatever your preference, here is hoping you enjoy them and have a splendid time playing.


1.  N.O.V.A 3: If you are a big fan of action games with a little dose of sci-fi, then it’s time to suit up and save the human race. This game is graphically stunning; with solid game play that features single player and multiplayer action. You can purchase the game on Google play for $7.


2. TOMB RAIDER 1: Take control of the iconic Lara Croft as she explores every nook and cranny of Atlantis in this mobile remake of one of the most celebrated games of all time, Tomb Raider.


3. GRAND THEFT AUTO: This is definitely a one-of-a-kind open-world adventure packed with crazy characters, fast cars, big guns, and lots of fun. There are very few games with this much depth on the Android platform.

Mount and Blade Warband 1

4. MOUNT AND BLADE (WARBAND): If you ever dreamed of being a knight, then it’s time to saddle up and conquer Calradia. It’s an open world to explore, full of jousting, medieval weaponry, bandits, and damsels in distress.

final fantasy

5. FINAL FANTASY VI: Legendary Japanese, Dev Square Enix has ported most of the Final Fantasy series to Android. If you played the original series, you’ll understand why it’s one of the biggest RPG series of all time; if not, it’s time you did.

bard's tale

6. THE BALD’S TALE: A huge world to explore packed with colourful characters, weaponry, and loot; this is a full-fat RPG that will keep you questing for hours. It’s also a delightful send-up of the genre.

knights of pen and paper

7. KNIGHTS OF PEN AND PAPER: This retro, turn-based RPG pays tribute to the days of pen and paper D&D. It’s an imaginative mix of pixel art and geeky humour, an offbeat gem with solid RPG mechanics at its heart.


8. SWORDIGO: If you’re craving a good old-fashioned hack ‘n’ slash action-platformer with RPG elements then you’ve found it. Fans of Zelda are going to want to check this one out.


9. RAVENSWORD (SHADOWLAND): This is a good-looking open world RPG that’s fairly accessible. Fantasy styling, a storyline to work through via quests, character specialization, and everything else you’d expect to find is here.

hitman go

10. HITMAN GO: Have you got the nerve, quick thinking, and skill to successfully dispatch your target? This turn-based puzzler requires careful planning or you can expect to be bumped off the board.


To be continued …



About the Writer: Eniola Adeniji is a woman after God’s own heart, a motivational Writer, Speaker, Fashion and Photography addict. She is also a Business Developer, Social Media Manager and the founder of Woman Of Value. She blogs at



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