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Apps We Like: OmoMi

When a mother hires a good nanny who is dedicated to the wellbeing of her child, she is extremely happy. When some genius wakes up one morning and decides to create an app that keeps your child’s health needs in mind, making timely access to health care for them easy with the touch of a button, your heart blesses them.

OmoMi is that android based mobile app that helps you monitor your child’s health. OmoMi follows closely WHO/UNICEF childhood survival strategies by offering parents a unique range of features that help to easily monitor children’s health.

Its range of features include the immunisation schedule tracker which gives notification for children’s future vaccination dates. The child growth monitor helps you to easily monitor your child’s growth. The app also give mothers healthy tips on breast feeding, how to manage the home front, and diarrhoea – the 2nd leading cause of child mortality globally.

The food supplementation section helps mothers prepare for their children’s balanced meals with all the essential nutrients needed for a child, while the family planning section gives parents tips to help plan childbirth effectively. There is also a mothers’ community section where mothers can connect on a secure platform.

Get the OmoMi app today and make better health decisions for your child

Available on all Android mobile devices.

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