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Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes

Research shows that there are over 158,000 books on self discovery published every year around the world. This proves that the importance of finding our sole purpose in life – that thing we’re born to do and will excel at – is paramount to every individual and we spend a considerable amount of time looking for this purpose.

But you have read so many books that I’m sure when you read the headline above, you went “Wait! What? 5 minutes? Yeah right!” then rolled your eyes but out of curiosity you went ahead to click to read more.

The words may sound unbelievable but beloved, in the words of Ripley, “Unbelievable? Believe it!” If you’ve been struggling with finding yourself or you know someone who has, well, you’re in luck because in this really short TEDx video, Adam Leipzig, a renowned movie and stage play producer, executive and distributor will guide you to discover your life’s purpose in 5 minutes – or less.

With 5 really easy questions, he takes you on a journey to self-discovery that might shock you.

Watch the video below:

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