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Nimi Akinkugbe’s The A-Z of Personal Finance is Now Available for Purchase

Nimi Akinkugbe, founder/CEO of Bestman Games Ltd and a personal finance professional has published a certified page-turning book on Money titled, “The A – Z of Personal Finance”. The A – Z of Personal Finance is an interesting book read that will empower people concerning their finances. In this book, she presents candid, useable insights and advice in understanding and managing personal finances and wealth.

Her professional experience in the banking industry and in private wealth management for 23 years was the foundation for her passion and commitment towards making men, women, youths even children financially literate. Her company has exclusive distribution license to create customized editions of Monopoly and other games in the Hasbro product suite across Africa. With the Monopoly game, gamers can have fun while learning about financial principles and how to manage and increase wealth. Other ways she empowers people financially are through speaking engagements, television and radio appearances and social media.

Her book is now in stores and available for purchase on Jumia, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Quintessence, Terrakulture, Glendora, Laterna Bookstore and Lagos International Airports.

For a limited time, there is a special offer out for you to get Nimi’s “The A – Z of Personal Finance” today within 24 hours for 4,500 naira plus free shipping anywhere in Lagos instead of the book’s standard price of 5,000 naira. To order, click

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